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State parks are regional tourist attractions that generate crowds of visitors each and every year. It’s because of that that the National forest Service has such stringent guidelines.

Bearing that in mind, can you fly a drone in a state park?

You frequently can not fly a drone in a state park, as the National forest Service restricts it. Nevertheless, the laws differ by state, so constantly call the state park you want to go to if the guidelines are uncertain.

This guide will take you state by state and information whether you can run a drone in its state parks. Do not miss it!

Can you fly a drone in Alabama state park?

Alabama has no state drone laws, and hence, utilizing a drone in a state park should not be forbidden. Nevertheless, we highly warn you to connect to the park in concern about its drone policy prior to you get here with your UAV in tow.


The Alaska Department of Natural Resources restricts drone use in Chugach State Park besides airplane going into or leaving Vibrant Airport in Anchorage.

You may be able to run in other state parks, however contact initially and ask.


Business pilots need to have a license to utilize a drone in an Arizona state park; licenses are just released for news, promotion, or promos. You’ll likewise require insurance coverage.

All business operations that do not fit the above and all leisure operations are prohibited.


According to 2018’s Arkansas State Parks– State Park Policy, a pilot should get written consent prior to utilizing a drone in a state park. Drones can not be utilized voyeuristically or to perform security.


PO 925-19-32, a state drone law enacted in 2019, limits drone usage in the Orange Coast District. You can not utilize your drone in Bolsa Chica State Beach, Corona del Mar State Beach, San Clemente State Beach, Huntington State Beach, Crystal Cove State Park, San Onofre State Beach, or Doheny State Beach.

Even More, the Cal. Code Regs. Title 14, § 4351 through the California Department of Parks & & Laws prohibits “motorized devices (consisting of UASs)” from wilderness locations, cultural protects, and natural protects. Do not anticipate to be able to utilize a drone in a state park, either.


The Colorado State Parks Policy # 100-c.24 restricts drone usage in state parks throughout Colorado conserve for designated locations. This law entered into impact in 2018.


Given That 2017, DEEP § 23-4-1 through Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental management has actually forbidden drones in “Connecticut State Parks, State Forests, and other lands under the control of the Department of Energy and Environmental Management.”


According to the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, you need to have an unique usage authorization to run a drone over the lands or waters that make up Delaware’s state parks.

That department has a Department of Parks and Leisure through which you can ask for a license.


The Florida Administrative Code 40C-9.320, passed in 2004, hooligans “all-terrain, off-road, or other motorized cars” from Florida District Lands, consisting of state parks. The only exception is if you hold an Unique Usage Permission.


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Park Rules & & Laws determine that drones can not run in any historical websites or state parks throughout the Peach State.

The only exception is for business drone operation that “might produce income or in other methods assist promote the websites.” Business drone usage of any other type and leisure drone usage is forbidden.


The Department of Land and Natural Resources and the Department of State Parks restrict drone usage in state parks.


IDAPA 13.01.03, a state law through the Fisheries and Wildlife Bureaus and the Idaho Department of Fish and Video game, restricts drones from operation on those lands beyond public airstrips, per the guidelines in Area 100. Public Usage Restrictions.

You would require permission from a Regional Manager, Director, or Commission to utilize a drone in an Idaho state park.


Illinois has no state or regional law that points out drone usage particularly in a state park. Nevertheless, that does not indicate you can always fly your drone in a state park, so please call the park you want to go to and inquire about its policy.


IAC 312 8-2-8 (i) allows the Indiana Department of Natural Resources the right to prohibit drones from state parks. Business pilots may be able to run, however the department deserves to decline any business drone usage demand.


Iowa has no state or regional laws prohibiting drones from flying in state parks, however that does not always indicate it’s enabled. Contact the state park and concern its personnel about whether you can bring a drone into a state park.


The Kansas Department of Wildlife & & Parks specifies that “UAS usage is just allowed within particular UAS running situated at some state parks. Using a UAS is not allowed beyond these locations unless licensed by the KDWPT Secretary … Within the operating locations, flying over individuals, structures, camping areas, or beaches is forbidden.”


You need to have a license to run a drone in a Kentucky state park, and business pilots will require an extra photography authorization if utilizing their UAVs for photography functions.


You can run a drone in a Louisiana state park, however with one caution: “Due to the nature of historical websites, we ask that you call the website in advance of your check out to identify that drone use will not interfere with any activities or unique programs at the time of your see.

Even more, you can not interfere with historical websites or park visitors when utilizing your drone.”


The Maine State Park Policy from the Bureau of Parks and Lands specifies that “The basic usage of drones (UAS) is forbidden in Maine State Parks, Historic Sites, or DACF Boat Launches without direct oversight and assistance of an authorized police or by the concern of an Unique Activity Authorization.”


Maryland State Parks– Business Photography Policy through the Maryland Park Service and the Department of Natural Resources needs a license if business pilots want to utilize a drone in a state park.

Area 1. General, B. enters into more information: “Business users or movie production entities (User) will be needed to get a license or, in many cases, sign a basic right-of-entry contract or other appropriate license or lease file, along with pay any appropriate service fee.”

Business pilots need to just utilize their drones in public locations of the park.


302 CMR 12.00: Parks and Leisure Rules, passed in 2016 by the Massachusetts Departments of Preservation and Leisure, need an unique usage authorization for drones to run in a state park.

The authorization serves as “a written contract that licenses an individual to take part in usages of or activities on DCR residential or commercial property on a particular date and time, which utilizes surpass in any method the typical usage of DCR residential or commercial property, or that are otherwise forbidden, controlled or limited.”


Order 5.1 State Parks and Leisure Locations avoids drones from running in a state park in the following methods per Area 4.4.

  • ” In a way that purposefully and deliberately hinders department staff members and their designees carrying out main tasks.
  • In a way that hinders department personnel when carrying out search and saves.
  • Within 100 lawns of a cultural or archaeological site or structure.
  • Over an occupied beach location.
  • Over an equestrian center.
  • Over a washroom or al fresco altering court.
  • Over a location topic to an aerial right of way.
  • For a business function without very first acquiring composed consent from a licensed agent of the department.”


The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources restricts drones in state parks, composing, “The department prevents usage of unmanned airplane in state parks, state entertainment locations, and state waysides due to the fact that of the impracticality of their operation under existing guideline.

… it is illegal to land any airplane on lands or water completely within the borders of any state park, state entertainment location, or state wayside.”


Mississippi state laws do not particularly discuss forbiding drone usage at state parks. Nevertheless, you must contact the park you want to go to and inquire about its drone usage policy prior to presuming you can fly your UAV.


You can run a drone in a Missouri state park, however please regard these guidelines: “we do ask that you keep it to the primary, open day-use locations and be considerate of other visitors in the park. If you will be taking images for expert usage or sale, there would be a procedure to go through to get approval for that.”


The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Montana State Parks and Leisure Board developed the Montana State Parks Public Usage Rules.

In 12.8.816, Unmanned Airplane Systems and Design Airplane, (1 ), drones can not run in state parks unless “usage happens within a location particularly designated for such usage by the park supervisor,” the pilot has an unique usage authorization, or the location is designated for business operation.


In 2018, the Nebraska Video Game and Parks Commission disallowed drones from state parks, state historic locations, and state entertainment locations to keep the personal privacy and public security of park visitors.


Drones can not run in state parks in Nevada unless pilots get an unique usage authorization or run in a location the park manager designates for drones.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire State Parks Drone Policy restricts drone usage in all state parks.

New Jersey

The New Jersey State Parks Service Policy, passed in 2015, bars drones from state parks unless the Assistant Director of State Park Service authorizes it. Drones need to then run under the standards of N.J.A.C. 7:2 -1.4( b).

New Mexico

Drones can not fly in the majority of New Mexico state parks, however not always all. For additional explanation, call the park you wish to go to and ask about its drone use guidelines.

New York City

OPR-PCD-018– New York City Parks, Leisure and Historic Conservation’s Managing Unmanned Airplane Systems policy states that pilots need to have “prior composed approval by the company” and a license prior to utilizing a drone in a state park and historical website.

Even more, business pilots need to have a videography and photography authorization.

North Carolina

NCAC 13. B 1204 through the North Carolina Department of Parks & & Leisure restricts drone usage in state parks. If you want to utilize a drone at Jockey’s Ridge State Park and have a license, that’s the only time it’s allowable.

North Dakota

North Dakota has no particular state or regional laws disallowing drones from state parks. That stated, you must still call the park and ask prior to going to.


No laws in Ohio discuss drones in state parks. Nevertheless, you can just run your drone in a state park if you have a license or remain in a location particularly designated for the activity.


Oklahoma permits pilots to run drones in state parks.


Legislation from Oregon Parks and Leisure restricts drone use in all state parks.


The Bureau of State Parks and the Pennsylvania Department of Preservation & & Natural Resources permits drone use in Beltzville State Park, Benjamin Rush State Park, Hillman State Park, Lackawanna State Park, Prompton State Park, and Tuscarora State Park just.

Drones can not run in any other state parks in Pennsylvania.

The policy includes, “Drone and UAS operators require to call the park workplace of the flying website they prepare to check out to make sure compliance with all guidelines and guidelines.

Please be recommended that the whole park at each of these places is not open to UAS or drone use. Just the designated flying website within each park is open to UAS usage.”

Rhode Island

Title 250– Park and Management Location Rules and Laws restrict drone operations throughout state parks without an unique usage authorization. You can get a license from the Parks and Leisure Department.

Nevertheless, the department problems allows just to expert shooting business and wire service.

South Carolina

South Carolina has no laws avoiding pilots from accessing state parks with their drones.

South Dakota

South Dakota Video Game, Fish & & Parks allows drones in state parks, however pilots can not:

  • ” fly in a way which hinders the management of the location or the licensed usage of the location by others.
  • fly in a way that triggers severe public hassles, inconvenience, or alarm to any other individual, makes unreasonable sound; disrupts any legal assembly or conference of individuals, or blocks car or pedestrian traffic.
  • hunt, eliminate, take, focus, drive, rally, stimulate, area or find” regional video game birds and animals.


Drones can not run in Tennessee state parks unless a Park Supervisor grants consent or the pilot has a license.


The Texas Parks & & Wildlife Policy, in the area Innovation, allows drones in San Angelo and Martin Passes Away, Jr. State Parks. You need to ask for a recording authorization if you want to utilize a drone commercially in other state parks.


You can run a drone in Jordanelle State Park, Wasatch Mountain State Park, Fred Hayes State Park, and Sand Hollow State Park however just recreationally.

Dead Horse Point State Park allows drones just in between November and February, however you need to have a license, fly in designated locations, and pay a $10 functional cost.

Fantastic Salt Lake State Park permits drones if pilots have a license.


Vermont has no state or regional laws forbiding drone usage in state parks. As constantly, we recommend getting in touch with the park and validating its guidelines.


Code of Virginia 4VAC5-30-400 prohibits drones in state park. The complete policy checks out: “No individual will willingly land or unlawfully run within or upon any park, any plane, push-button control design airplane, helicopter, unmanned aerial system, drone, balloon, parachute, or other device for air travel.

‘ Willingly’ in this connection will indicate anything aside from a forced landing. Rescue and evacuation airplane are exempt from emergency situations and authorized training workouts.”


WAC 352-32-130, Area (1) hooligans drones in state parks other than for search and rescue objective operations, medical emergency situations, police activities, emergency situation evacuations, and firefighting.

If a business pilot has a director or designee’s consent who is “connected with the functional or administrative requirements of the company or state,” they can utilize a drone in a state park.

West Virginia

Under HB 4607, Short article 5. Park and Leisure, § 20-5-2. Powers of the director with regard to the area of parks and recreation., 16, State Park Superintendents can approve pilots consent to run a drone in a state park.

Pilots need to sign up at the superintendent’s workplace.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources restricts drone usage in state parks.


You can run a drone in a Wyoming state park.

State parks are a satisfying part of American culture, as they provide us unforgettable travel experiences, even if the parks remain in our yards.

Now that you understand where you can and can not run a drone throughout United States state parks, you can fly with self-confidence!

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