In memory of a steadfast

On 27. January every year in konigsberg in st. Mary’s church takes place a service, which is part of the history of the city as the duke william chain celebration. It will be celebrated on monday at 7 pm in st. Mary’s church. In the service, the prayer for peace is prayed and communion is celebrated. The schlossberg community konigsberg still feels the return of herzog wilhelms on 27. January connected. So they always hold their annual meeting on the sunday before or after january 27. January; this year on sunday, 26. January, on the castle hill.

The service originated in 1625 – 395 years ago. At this time almost all of europe was gripped by the 30-year religious war.

The reformation had divided the german people at this time into a protestant and a catholic camp.From 1618 to 1648, entire regions were devastated, plundered and murdered. The population was greatly decimated. In addition, there were diseases such as plague and cholera, which killed many people.

The friday for future movement called for a spontaneous demonstration in front of the raspberry palace in erlangen yesterday afternoon. The background to this is the decision by siemens CEO joe kaeser to stick with a contract for a coal mine in australia despite fierce criticism from climate protectionists. Siemens wants to supply the signaling technology for a train link that will transport the coal to the port there.

With the decision to stick with the project – a contract worth 18 million euros – the friday for future movement accuses the company's CEO of "kicking the sustainable aspirations of his company into the dustbin".

Climate list calls on politicians

The klimaliste erlangen also reacts to the decision of the chairman of the board of siemens with displeasure. A press release states: "joe kaeser's decision is irresponsible and sends a catastrophic signal, especially to the younger generation."

O2 starts catching up with 5g expansion

The rollout of mobile communications for the new 5G transmission standard is making progress. Telefonica is the third german telecommunications company to launch its O2 brand on 3. The munich-based company announced on thursday that it had connected its first 150 5G stations to the network in october.

Competitors vodafone and deutsche telekom are much further ahead, having already launched in 2019.

The O2 transmission towers upgraded to 5G with around 450 antennas are located in the five cities of berlin, hamburg, munich, frankfurt and coln. At first, they will only cover a small part of the city area, but telefonica plans to continue the expansion in the coming months. Germany boss markus haas said his company will invest four billion euros in the expansion of the O2 network by 2022, i.E. For 4G and 5G antennas. "5G is crucial for the digital future of this country," said haas.

Helicopters maintain contact with wrecked 'costa allegra

This was explained by a german representative of the shipping company costa crociere on tuesday evening. The ship is now being towed to the seychelles, where it is expected to arrive two days late on thursday morning.

The accident of the “costa allegra” hits again a cruise ship of the italian shipping company, which also owns the wrecked ship “costa concordia. The fire in the engine room of the “costa allegra” did not injure anyone on the way from madagascar to the seychelles on monday. The more than 1000 people drove through the tropics, but without air conditioning and functioning power supply. Their 26-day voyage was to sail from mauritius via madagascar through the suez canal to savona in italy. Now it ends in the seychelles, from where the vacationers are to fly home immediately.

A french deep-sea fishing trawler and two tugs are to tow the unmanoeuvrable "costa allegra" to the seychelles main island of mahe in the indian ocean. The tugboats had reached the italian ship and could now bring it there more quickly, the genoese shipping company costa crociere announced. Of the 1049 people on board, 636 are passengers from 25 countries. There are 38 germans, 90 swiss, 97 austrians, 127 french and 135 italians.

Bad news for badstuber: 10-month break

Holger badstuber’s nightmare is getting worse – now the world cup in brazil is also in danger. After an operation in the USA, the national soccer player had to cope with the next bad news.

Doctors put the munich central defender’s absence at a further ten months. This means that the FC bayern munchen professional is out of the world cup plans of national coach joachim low for the time being.

Badstuber had surgery on his right knee to remove the cruciate ligament, which had been torn in large parts and was therefore non-functional. Before a new cruciate ligament can be inserted, the boreholes from the first operation have to be closed up.

The German's wanderlust stopped him in his tracks

Germans remain keen to travel. According to the current "vacation travel trend", 2018 should also be a good year for the industry.

"The vacation spirit is pronounced. A further slight growth in demand is possible," said tourism researcher martin lohmann on friday at the presentation of the study at the start of the travel trade fair CMT. 43 percent of respondents had both a desire for a vacation and enough time and money for it. "The vacation mood of germans is growing from year to year," said lohmann.

With a share of about 30 percent, domestic vacation destinations are expected to top the list again this year, followed by destinations in spain, italy, turkey and austria. Turkey remains an important travel destination despite loss of market share, study says. The world’s largest travel company, tui, recently reported a renewed interest among germans in vacation travel to turkey.

Commitment to safety and order

The traffic cadets of the youth traffic watch completed a total of 227 missions in 2019, including 115 at the state theater. They were responsible for traffic safety in the city and the district, as well as for order in the parking lots. That's why the focus was also on training and further education. A total of 4990 hours of free time were sacrificed by the young people, as was heard at the general meeting of the traffic cadets in the coje in coburg. The traffic cadets have been in coburg for over 20 years. The excellent work of the "angels in their yellow uniforms" was praised from many sides at the general meeting. The great commitment of the traffic cadets was also clear during the election of the new board of directors. Several candidates stood for the various offices.

Louis munster, who has been an active member of the traffic cadets for 13 years, received a special honor. He shows his commitment far beyond coburg. He is an exceptional talent and is known throughout germany, the laudation said. Munster was appointed honorary traffic cadet, which he was very surprised about.

Fabian hugle, leon langbein and matthias voelckel were honored for five years of active participation as members, and christian bittner and kristin bittner for ten years of membership. Jeremy davis tops the list with 416 hours of service. He received the rough challenge cup, which he has already won three times. Behind them were alexander buhling, stella derks, katharina duffek and charlotte laubmann.

Cross makes way for pavilion

Josef hofbauer an information pavilion in ebermannstadt will provide visitors with all they need to know about the "literatur- und schlusselberger weg" deliver. This tourist attraction is to be completed at the latest on the occasion of the "700 years of city rights" anniversary be ready in 2023.

The pavilion is also to be a meeting point and starting point for city tours, informed mayor christiane meyer (NLE). This is how more tourists are to be attracted to the city center.

There are still no plans for what the pavilion will look like. However, the employees have already determined a location: it will be erected on the site in front of the district administration building, directly opposite the ebermannstadt waterwheel. However, there is a rough wooden cross with a figure of the crucified one. This must give way to the info point. Where the cross should be moved, there is no proposal yet.

Us labor market recovers despite continuing corona trap

Nearly five million americans got back to work in june, but new doom looms as corona pandemic worsens in southern part of country.

Statistics from the world’s roughest economy could hardly have been more contradictory on thursday: the unemployment rate fell more sharply than expected from 13.3 percent in may to 11.1 percent in june, while coronavirus pandemic figures set new negative records. U.S. Authorities reported wednesday 50.000 new infections – more than ever before. And an improvement in the situation did not seem to be in sight in the short term.

There is an explanation for the contradiction between labor market data and infections: the unemployment rate for june was based on data that only reflected the situation up to the middle of the month. Possible effects of the recent dramatic worsening of the pandemic were therefore not yet reflected in the figures. "We expect the recovery from now on to be much bumpier with much slower gains in new jobs," said therefore analyst michael pearce of the consultancy capital economics.

Ceremony at the erlangen-hochstadt district office

Klaus neudecker retired after more than 46 years of service. Since february 1990, neudecker has been deputy head of the office for children, youth and families. During his long years of service, he dealt with legal and financial matters of parents, among other things. From questions of doubt and law, modesty to compensation and social benefits, neudecker shaped the "economic youth welfare" as group leader for almost three decades in the district decisively with".

If you want to borrow dishes from the district office, you can’t get past him: robert voitlein from the central services department of the district office is the master of the dish pool. Whether post office, registry or dishes: the 60-year-old from lonnerstadt has known for 25 years where to find what in the district office. At present, he is mainly concerned with the procurement of building materials for the district office and other district facilities, especially district schools. District administrator alexander tritthart offered his warmest congratulations on the occasion during a ceremony at the district administration office. Both of them have always demonstrated a great deal of sensitivity in their work. Tritthart thanked the "loyal and very reliable employees".

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