Ukrainian detained for offering information of 300M individuals to Russians


The Ukrainian cyber cops have actually detained a 36-year-old guy from the city of Netishyn for offering the individual information and delicate details of over 300 million individuals, residents of Ukraine, and numerous European nations.

The seller was utilizing Telegram to promote the taken information to interested purchasers, asking in between $500 and $2,000 depending upon the quantity of information and its worth.

” The guy was an administrator of closed groups and channels in the Telegram messenger, where he offered individual information of residents of Ukraine and the European Union,” checks out the cops’s statement

” In specific, the enemy knew on passport information, taxpayer numbers, birth certificates, chauffeur’s licenses, and savings account information.”

The cops’s examination exposed that the purchasers were Russian residents who utilized currencies forbidden on Ukrainian area to spend for the gotten databases. This is likewise how police was resulted in the cybercriminal.

Throughout the cops’s raid on the transgressor’s area, he tried to block the examination and assaulted a policeman.

The police officers continued however to take 36 difficult chauffeurs, computer systems, and server devices, consisting of numerous databases, the origin of which will be figured out by subsequent analysis.

Confiscated equipment
Taken devices (

The detained guy now deals with criminal procedures under Part 2 of Art. 361-1 (production of software application for destructive ways), Art. 362 (unapproved access to details kept in computer system networks), and Part 2 of Art. 345 (danger or violence versus a police officer).

The latter sustains a jail time sentence of approximately 5 years, while the penalty for the very first 2 offenses of Ukraine’s criminal code differs depending upon the intensity of the criminal offense, the suspect’s criminal history, and the particular scenarios of the case.

In December 2021, the Ukrainian cyberpolice carried out a massive operation for the arrest of 51 suspects who were offering 100 databases amounting to 90,000 GB of information, representing 300 million individuals from the U.S., Ukraine, and numerous European nations.

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