The College Board’s Secret Apology

Gov. Ron DeSantis is credited with requiring a reword of a brand-new high-school AP class in African-American Research studies, after Florida balked at such lesson subjects as “Black Queer Research Studies.” Rejecting pressure, the College Board stated the modifications were pedagogical: “This course has actually been formed just by the input of professionals and enduring AP concepts and practices.”

Yet its own professors consultants independently castigated this as deceitful spin, according to e-mails we acquired by means of open-records laws. “I have patiently and silently viewed the common interviews and media assertions that AP would not make modifications at the request of any group beyond teachers, instructors, and trainees,” composed Nishani Frazier, a University of Kansas teacher who rests on the AP course’s advancement committee. “If this is so, which trainee, teacher, or instructor recommended including black conservatives to the course over Combahee River Collective?”

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