These 9 automobiles under $15,000 are your best choice for an offer as secondhand lorries stay astronomically costly

Ford C Max Hybrid
The very best utilized automobiles under $15,000 consist of the Ford C-Max, Toyota Prius C, and Nissan Murano.
You utilized to be able to get a good secondhand automobile for simply a couple of thousand dollars. Stock problems in the automobile market and stubbornly high automobile rates imply those days are over.
Used cars sit in the sales lot of a used car dealership in California.
A used-car lot.
So it'' s more vital than ever to go shopping wise. If you'' re paying an arm and a leg for a previously owned automobile, truck, or SUV, you much better make certain it will last and carry out dependably.
Used car lot
A secondhand automobile lot is revealed Friday, June 10, 2022, in Salt Lake City.
To assist buyers browse the difficulties of used-car purchasing, Customer Reports keeps a list of the very best utilized automobiles at every rate point based upon hands-on tests and owner studies.
person shopping for a car at a dealership
Here, we'' ve highlighted the screening company'' s leading choices for utilized automobiles under $15,000.
Pickup trucks at a car dealership.
Pickup at a vehicle dealer in Littleton, Colorado.
Little automobile under $10,000: Nissan Leaf (2013, 2015)
Nissan Leaf
The Nissan Leaf.
Midsized automobile under $10,000: Subaru Tradition (2013 )
The 2013 Subaru Legacy.
The Subaru Tradition.
Midsized SUV under $10,000: Nissan Murano (2014 )
Nissan Murano 2013
The Nissan Murano.
Little automobile in the $10,000-$ 15,000 variety: Ford C-Max (2014-2016) and Toyota Prius C (2013-2015)
Ford C MAX Hybrid
The Ford C-Max.
Midsized/large automobiles in the $10,000-$ 15,000 variety: Honda Accord (2013-2014) and Toyota Camry Hybrid (2013-2014)
The 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid.
The Toyota Camry Hybrid.
High-end automobile in the $10,000-$ 15,000 variety: Lincoln MKZ (2014-2015)
The 2014 Lincoln MKZ.
The Lincoln MKZ.
Minivan/wagon in the $10,000-$ 15,000 variety: Toyota Venza (2013-2014)
Toyota Venza 2014
The Toyota Venza.
Little SUVs in the $10,000-$ 15,000 variety: Mazda CX-5 (2014-2016) and Toyota RAV4 (2013 )
Toyota RAV4 2013
The Toyota RAV4.
Pickup in the $10,000-$ 15,000 variety: Toyota Tacoma (2013 )
Toyota Tacoma 2012
The Toyota Tacoma.
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