Remodelista Reconnaissance: A Petite Folding Towel Rack for the Bathside

A couple of weeks back, a reader composed to us on Instagram with a question: Where to discover a folding towel rack like the one glimpsed in a pink-tiled bath at Wanås Hotel in Sweden? It sent us on a mission.

Here’s what we discovered.

The Sighting

today, we’re turning our attention to the room that often gets overlooked day 120 Above: The towel rack in concern, as seen in our post A Designer’s Estate, Open for Service: WanÃ¥s Hotel in SkÃ¥ne, Sweden, has tidy lines and collapses away when not in usage. It’s the example we figured would be easy to source, however the more we began to dig, the more we lost. Accordion drying rack? No. Shaker clothing horse? Close, however too high– this one is just half-scale. Photo by Magnus MÃ¥rdinger, thanks to WanÃ¥s Hotel.

The Source

i fuji medium towel rack from march 121 Above: That is, up until we occurred to find a brand-new collection by the Japanese maker Masashi Ifuji at March. Behold, the Ifuji Towel Rack, handmade in Japan of white oak “utilizing the initial Shaker design templates and conventional methods.” Sadly, the demi-height Medium rack (revealed here) is presently offered out; we hope they restock. The Big size is still readily available.

For more on Masashi Ifuji, see A few of Today’s A lot of Valued Shaker Boxes Are Made in Japan by Masashi Ifuji

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