It’s not your creativity: Mobile phones are getting brighter

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Ryan Whitwam/ Android Authority


  • A research study has actually discovered that smart devices are progressively getting brighter every year.
  • Premium smart devices in 2022 saw a 171% YoY dive in brightness.
  • The pattern is beginning to infect low- and mid-priced smart devices.

Have you ever taken a minute to think of the brightness of your phone? We went from needing to discover shade to utilize our phones outside to having screens that are nearly brilliant sufficient to utilize as flashlights. And it appears makers are still attempting to bump up the brightness even more. It’s not simply your creativity, smart devices are getting brighter every year.

A brand-new research study from Counterpoint Research Study has actually exposed some intriguing patterns associated with mobile phone brightness. According to the report, the increased function smart devices play in content intake has actually resulted in growing customer interest in brighter screens. Producers have actually paid attention to this, triggering competitors over brightness to increase.

It appears that a 3rd of the premium mobile phone market– any phone over $600– had a brightness ranking of over 900 nits in 2022. The company mentions that this is a 171% YoY dive. This is partially credited to consistent iPhone sales, however likewise Chinese makers wishing to develop premium gadgets that can take on the similarity Apple and Samsung played a part too.

2022 vs 2021 Global Premium Smartphone Display Brightness Share 1024x682 1

The pattern does not simply impact the premium market either, it appears this viewpoint is beginning to drip down to the low- and mid-range markets too.

Samsung has not just substantially increased the adoption of brightness going beyond 700 nits in its premium smart devices, however it has actually likewise reduced the share of brightness listed below 450 nits in its low-to-mid priced smart devices by about 20% p in 2022.

In 2021, 90% of Samsung’s low- to mid-range phones apparently had a brightness of listed below 450 nits. This implies there was a 13% boost in low- to mid-range phone brightness in 2022.

As brightness ends up being a selling point, it is essential to bear in mind that brightness can be a drain on the battery. This brightness motion will likely need to plateau at some time to strike a balance with battery life.

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