Buyer’s Journal: Ponytail in Charleston, SC, a Pop-Up Store Poised to Go on the Roadway

We initially ended up being conscious of Charleston, South Carolina-based Helen Rice’s innovative firm, Fuzzco, which she cofounded with Josh Nissenboim, back in 2014 (see Fuzzco in Charleston, South Carolina). From time to time we sign in to see what Helen depends on, so we were captivated when we found Ponytail, her brand-new collection of “curious and practical things and art,” readily available online or by consultation (DM her at Ponytail).

” After more than twenty years running Fuzzco, I desired my next experience to release me from being connected to my screen,” she states. When inquired about the store’s name, she states, “Maturing, I used a ponytail since I was hectic being a gamine. I desired the store to be an expression of a brand-new stage in my life where I didn’t take things so seriously.”

Available: a diverse mix of vintage and modern pieces for the home, varying from sculptural cutting boards by Edward Wohl, antique Georgian teapots, candle lights by London maker Moro Dabro, pieces from Copenhagen style studio Frama, and more. Stay tuned: Helen prepares to take the program on the roadway in the coming year.

Here’s an appearance:

Photography thanks to Ponytail.

helen rice ponytail charleston 8 1
Above: Helen at her at home store; DM Ponytail to make a visit.
helen rice ponytail charleston 6
Above: Helen has actually provided the area with a mix of vintage and modern pieces, consisting of a Senate Bench from Remodelista preferred Sawkille and lights from Barcelona business Santa & & Cole
helen rice ponytail charleston 8
Above: Made from black stoneware, the Augustine candle light vessel from Moro Dabron is fired in an English pottery and put with fragranced wax
helen rice ponytail charleston 2
Above: A sculptural Stoneware Vase 17 by Mexico City-based Disciplina Studio anchors the round table. “Artist and designer Tomás Díaz Cedeño makes speculative wood fired things utilizing pigmented heat stoneware and melted obsidian– I enjoy that every one is so unforeseeable. I believe you require a balance of gorgeous vs. ‘unsightly’ components in a space.”
ponytail sawkille bench
Above: A stack of Edward Wohl cutting boards rests on the Sawkille bench; the handmade Saguaro Glass # 37 vase is from the Long Self-confidence, a style studio in Berkeley, California, established by Rafi Ajl. The ca. 1800 Georgian Castleford Feldspathic Moulded Bisque Teapot is classic, as are the ironstone plates.
augustine candle moro dabron
Above: Moro Dabron’s Augustine Candle Light is readily available in black, cream, or terracotta, all with an unique scent.
helen rice ponytail charleston 5
Above: A plan including a Number 13 from Collection 04 vase from Disciplina Studio and a Saguaro Glass # 19 by The Long Self-confidence. The Cordless Básica Mínima Batería light is by Santa & & Cole, and the scents are from Moro Dabron

ponytail shop charleston used books
Above: “I’m consumed with purchasing utilized books,” Helen states. “It’s a method for me to see things off the screen. I enjoy the sun stained pages, the sensation of time taking a trip style sensible.” Revealed above: a 1969 edition of Art Today: Intro to the Visual Arts.

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