Lawsuits and arbitration in Slovakia: Largest law office (2023)

27. Nov 2023 at 6:41 I

Leading legal representatives in Slovakia supply information on lawsuits handle an influence on every-day life.

It is not simply court judgments giving countless euros that are of considerable significance – for example, some individuals state no figure can be placed on the worth of a Slovak court purchasing authorities to appreciate the rights of same-sex couples.

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This was what occurred with Mariano Ruiz and Jakub Å anko. Thanks to the assistance of the Dentons law practice, they was successful at the Žilina Area Court in a case in which the Immigrants’ Cops, the migration authority in Slovakia, had actually declined to give Ruiz a home license on the premises of household marriage, declaring that the state does not acknowledge their marital relationship, which had actually occurred in Argentina.

The ground-breaking choice from October 2022 is among a variety of inspiring lawsuits deals the biggest law office in Slovakia have actually dealt with in the previous year. Based upon referrals offered by legal representatives, The Slovak Viewer paper and the Sme day-to-day ready The Largest Law Firms ranking.

” This year, we permitted law office to report not just their biggest lawsuits, however likewise brand-new cases in which a considerable judgment has actually been provided in the previous 12 months, or in which an ingenious method was taken,” stated Ján Pallo, publisher of The Slovak Viewer which is accountable for the ranking’s approach.

The judgment when it comes to Ruiz and Å anko is likewise crucial for the future, stated Peter Kubina, partner at Dentons.

” As soon as this judgement ends up being last and can not be appealed, it will form an essential precedent for other couples in comparable scenarios and might work as a basis for recommendation of additional rights that LGBT+ residents are presently being rejected,” Kubina discussed.

Possible to alter the medical insurance system

When there is a judgment in a legal conflict in between personal health insurance companies and the state, it might likewise have terrific significance for the future. Personal insurance provider Dôvera, which is owned by the Penta monetary group, declares it has actually suffered the repercussions of an unequal method by the state.

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