Get Buried in a $1,000 Organic, Biodegradable Mushroom Casket

Rest in peace.

Farm to Casket

For the eco-conscious– and thrifty– a Dutch start-up has actually developed a mushroom casket that will biodegrade in less than 2 months and costs the equivalent of simply $1,000.

Called the “Loop Living Cocoon,” the fungal sarcophagus is made from mycelium, the thread-like underground structure of mushrooms, and upcycled hemp fibers, according to the business, Loop Biotech. The business grows the caskets, which appear like human-size silkworm cocoons, in simply 7 days in their factory. Compared to a standard wood coffin, which can weigh from 150 to 250 pounds and cost numerous thousands, the mushroom casket is light and airy at 66 pounds.

Depending upon conditions, a routine wood coffin will last for years. However if you remain in a rush to get in nature’s cold accept, the mushroom coffin will biodegrade in 45 days. The casket features a bed of moss inside which you can likewise switch with a sustainable death shroud of linen. Rest in peace!

Green Funeral Service

If even $1,000 sounds high, the business’s likewise offering an even less expensive mushroom urn to shop cremated ashes, which the business states you can show in your house or bury it in the ground with a plant in the urn’s cover.

” Rather of: ‘we pass away, we wind up in the soil which’s it,’ now there is a brand-new story: we can improve life after death and you can continue to grow as a brand-new plant or tree,” the business’s creator Bob Hendrikx informed the Associated Press ” It brings a brand-new story in which we can be part of something larger than ourselves.”

This isn’t the initially we have actually become aware of Loop, or more broadly the concern of up-to-date, environmentally sound burial options. In truth, the mushroom caskets may not even be hardcore enough for supporters of human composting, which has actually been legislated in numerous US states over the previous couple of years, or perhaps melting the remains of the departed

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