Formula 1 group targets over 60% emissions decrease through biofuel usage for coming season

Freight for Formula 1 team

Freight contributes the lion’s share of the emissions produced by formula 1. The Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Solution 1 Group states it has actually set its sights on over 60% emissions decrease and 200TCO2 conserved through biofuel usage for the upcoming Formula 1 European season.

The group, PETRONAS and logistics partners state they are interacting to provide the goal of a completely biofueled European season following an effective trial in 2022 which saw a reported 89% decrease in CO2 freight emissions.

New sustainability exemptions in the Financial Laws of the sport were authorized at the most current F1 Commission, “allowed by positive cooperation in between the FIA, Solution One and the 10 groups,” stated a statement from the group. “They have actually opened chances for development in sustainability that were formerly in dispute with on-track efficiency. This effort for a completely biofueled European season is our very first of these jobs.

” Over 9 races throughout Europe, our fleet of Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks, which carry all the freight needed for each race, will refuel with HVO100, a second-generation biofuel. From their departure points in the UK and Germany to showing up in Imola and after that taking a trip through Europe, each truck will cover in between 9,000 to 10,000 kms, which we intend to be totally powered by HVO100, minimizing the emissions for each kilometre covered by 89%.”

” This is a considerable endeavor, with a number of recognized difficulties to be gotten rid of linked to provide in particular locations. That’s why we are revealing our aspiration of attaining over 60% emissions decrease and 200 tonnes of CO2 conserved at this phase, with complete analysis on the last carbon emissions cost savings and the success of the job to be released at the end of the season.”

” Our race base generators, utilized to power our Engineering trucks once they are established in the Solution One paddock, will likewise be biofuel powered and served by a devoted PETRONAS-branded tanker truck from mid-season onwards.”

” We are taking vibrant action to resolve our biggest sources of emissions and see sustainable fuels as crucial to minimizing our carbon footprint. After pioneering financial investment in Sustainable Air travel Fuel, minimizing the emissions of our race group workers flight footprint by near to 50%, the focus now moves to reducing the effect of our road-based freight logistics.”

Formula 1 has actually a stated objective of attaining net-zero emissions by the end of the years.

Hydrotreated grease (HVO 100) biofuel is stemmed from veggie oils, waste oils and fats. It likewise produces less NOx and particle contamination than standard fuels.

Alice Ashpitel, Head of Sustainability at the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Group:
” Our goal to attain a completely biofueled European season is a difficult and intricate job which has actually been continuous behind the scenes at the group for over a year. With the assistance and collective effort of our specialist partners, we are taking on an essential pillar in our technique for attaining Net Absolutely no and supporting the larger adoption of HVO100 throughout the sport and logistics markets. This job marks another action in our sustainability journey, however we are on a knowing curve. From the proof of our trial, we are thrilled to see that 89% emissions decrease is possible for every single journey that our trucks make, whilst identifying that supply difficulties in sourcing HVO100 throughout Europe stay considerable.”

Datuk Sazali Hamzah, Executive Vice President and Ceo of PETRONAS Downstream stated: “Today, we are seeing a considerable turning point in the effective usage of HVO100 or sustainable fuel in freight transport for Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Solution One Group. By providing a service that is 100% eco-friendly and made from sustainably sourced products, we assist our partners to minimize greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 90%.

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