VOIS Interview Experience for Graduate Engineer Student

Background of the business

Developed in 2006, _ VO IS — Vodafone Intelligent Solutions– has actually grown from a single entity company to a worldwide, purpose-driven TechCo, devoted to driving scale @ speed and providing worth to Vodafone. It has its workplace in Pune. I got a possibility to offer an interview, as it became part of an on-campus positioning supplied by our college.

Requirements for business

60% throughout 10th, 12th or diploma and engineering.


1) Preliminary had to do with the ability test. In this round, numerous kinds of ability concerns were asked mainly about the portion, ratio, and work. You can practice this concern from numerous websites or likewise from G eeksforGeek s and I nterviewbit ( which I would suggest to you).

2) 2nd Round was Seminar and Interaction Round. In this round, we were offered a subject to discuss for about 5 minutes of our option and after that the subject which was most basic our idea were taken into consideration. Then every one people was asked to share their particular ideas on the basic concept.

Note: My subject was Something I Want To Modification. I discussed the need and need of reformation needed in the Greater Technical Education System for Trainees

Tips: Stay Confident and be clear about your views.

3) 3rd Round was technical Round 1. This round was based upon the resume or CV. In this round, I was inquired about my tasks which were discussed in my CV, and discussed the whole job. I was likewise asked to compose a basic program of prime numbers. Then they offered some questions to compose such as placing numerous worths in tables, erasing the worths of the tables, and placing brand-new worths in location of them. They likewise asked some Rational and Pattern Concerns This round was for about 30-35 minutes long.

4) 4th Round was technical Round 2 and HR round. This round was the technical and likewise HR round. In this round, the technical concern was asked on my CV and numerous shows Language concern. They asked some in deep concerns about OOP ideas. They asked some Python concerns as it was discussed in my CV. They offered some HR concerns such as what would I do if I am unable to change in my group or how would I handle the customer who keep altering the requirement. This round lasted for 25-30 minutes.


  • The ability test occurred 1 month prior to the other round
  • The remainder of the other round occurred in a single day.

Crucial takeaway:

  • Be Positive throughout the whole Process.
  • Include just the important things you understand and have practice
  • Have an extensive practice of DSA and SQL Queries
  • Practice and keep the principle of OOP clears

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23 May, 2023

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