WiiM Pro Evaluation: The Very Best Banner for Music Fans

The vinyl revival might remain in full speed, however, for the majority of people, streaming is the quick and satisfying method to listen to top quality tunes. After all, digital music has actually come a long method given that the days of Limewire, and even the arrival of Spotify And thanks to banners like the WiiM Pro, it’s much easier than ever to pump your preferred music through your speakers.

For streaming fans, Sonos makes the very best linked speakers, with their incorporated software and hardware. However those who currently own a “dumb” stereo and speakers basically have 2 cordless streaming choices: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With Bluetooth, the variety is awful and unbiased sound quality is even worse. Wi-Fi is more trusted and provides significantly much better noise, however there aren’t a great deal of hardware choices. For the many part, the option boils down to the affordable-but-way-discontinued Google Chromecast Audio or a lot more pricey banners like the $449 Sonos Port or $599 Bluesound Node.

At $149, the WiiM Pro not just provides music fans an updated and budget-friendly choice, however it’s likewise more versatile than all those gamers assembled. WiiM, pronounced “impulse,” uses basically every “open” requirement you can consider, while likewise including its own user friendly app. The gadget consists of a lot of digital and analog connection choices, a few of which are even uncommon for the cash. Wish to stream vinyl on a turntable around your home, for instance? It can do that– though there are some cautions.

Sonos Port and the WiiM Pro on a table

The $449 Sonos Port (left) versus the $149 WiiM Pro (right).

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

What remains in package?

The WiiM Pro is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth music banner developed to link to existing stereo, soundbars or speakers. Completing environments like Sonos use rock-solid efficiency, however if you’re bringing existing devices into the fold, it can get extremely pricey. For instance, in my mind, it’s simply unworthy including a $449 Sonos Port to a $600 receiver like the Onkyo TX-NR6100— much less a more affordable system. However the WiiM Pro uses a salve by supporting every open requirement I can consider, along with its own streaming app in a budget friendly box. Even including a WiiM Pro to a $ 200 soundbar makes good sense.

The WiiM Pro is an action up from the $ 99 WiiM Mini and while it uses the exact same Burr-Brown PCM5121 decoder, the Pro has more performance, consisting of Chromecast built-in and analog inputs. Design-wise, the WiiM Pro is precisely the exact same size as the Sonos Port, at 5.5 inches square and 1.6 inches high. The WiiM is well made, and though it isn’t especially heavy, it consists of a rubber bottom to stop it from slipping around when you plug in cable televisions.


The WiiM Pro uses a lot of connections, consisting of analog in/out and digital in/out.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

If there’s something the WiiM Pro uses, it’s a lot of connections– both physical and of the streaming range. The back of the system consists of analog and optical digital in and out jacks, plus a coaxial digital out. This remains in addition to a USB-C power input, a microphone for multiroom audio synchronization, an Ethernet port and a 12-volt trigger. The trigger output is uncommon, as it’s developed to switch on an external amplifier once the WiiM Pro has actually spotted an inbound stream. However I would not attempt to manage volume from a beeping power amp with the dinky +/- capacitive buttons on the front of the WiiM Pro– excessive margin for mistake. Those buttons, which likewise consist of a source button and a Play/Pause button, can be altered from volume to quick forward and rewind in the settings menu, which might be better.

On the streaming side, the WiiM Pro is simply as extensive with Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, which brings AirPlay 2, Chromecast built-in, Amazon Multi-Room Music, Spotify Link, TIDAL Link and DLNA. In regards to competitors, the WiiM Pro’s closest competitor is the Chromecast Audio, however the WiiM does some things the Audio can’t do, such as gapless audio and assistance for more streaming platforms.

If you recognize with Roon— a server-based music streaming system that aggregates all your music– WiiM Pro is sort of the hardware variation of that service. It’s developed to integrate numerous streaming platforms in one user friendly user interface. It’s a vital buy for music fans, and at the time of composing, the WiiM Pro remains in the accreditation procedure for Roon Ready, that makes this gadget an even much better purchase.

While the WiiM is manageable with a different Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the business does make a $ 20 WiiM Voice Remote (not evaluated) that consists of a devoted Alexa button and microphone. The remote can likewise be utilized to manage the WiiM Pro with transportation controls such as Play/Pause and so on.

Establishing the WiiM Pro


Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The gadget is developed to be established and utilized by means of the WiiM House app, readily available for both Android and iOS. The app was clever sufficient to identify the WiiM as quickly as I opened it, and it strolled me through setup– all without a single button-press on the gadget.

The WiiM House app will look familiar to anybody who’s utilized Sonos or other music systems. The web page uses access to presets, your library by means of the phone and network (DLNA), plus over a lots music streaming services. The gadget tab looks at the WiiM systems in your home, while the universal search tab is next and, based upon my interactions with it, is outstanding.

Similar to any gadget this advanced, it may take a while to get it to carry out the method you desire it by means of the Settings tab. For instance, while you can set the input to auto-sense in between the optical and the RCA input, it isn’t possible to do the exact same for the output. Rather, you require to by hand choose the output from the app– whether line out, SPDIF, coax or Bluetooth– however that isn’t normally a huge offer. Nevertheless, if you discover yourself fixing since there’s no audio, attempt altering the output approach initially.

Listening tests

Though some individuals might balk at paying $149 for a banner, you might consider the WiiM Pro as a source– like a record gamer or a CD gamer– and it’s difficult to get either among those for this low-cost. Following my screening of the WiiM Pro, I can verify that it’s “correct hi-fi” with the functions audiophiles need– gapless playback, digital outputs– and the seamlessness and worth for the cash that music fans desire.

In my contrast of the analog output of the WiiM Pro and the Chromecast Audio on my house system, both were remarkably achieved. I compared a 24-bit stream of Peter Gabriel’s Do not Quit by means of Roon on the 2 banners, with an SACD of the artist’s biggest hits as a referral. While the Chromecast was completely listenable, the WiiM Pro had the ability to catch more of the information which the SACD had actually revealed, in both Gabriel’s and guest Kate Bush’s voices. The WiiM Pro had a larger, more immersive noise.

Changing to CNET’s referral system of the Q Acoustics 3050i and the Onkyo TX-RZ50, the WiiM was similarly satisfying. What was revealed as information on my Klipsch system emerged as midrange forwardness on the 30350is, and it needed a little 10-band EQ tweaking inside the WiiM user interface to make it more listenable. When I linked the gadget as much as a different DAC– an Oppo UDP-205 — it stopped that quickly. On both my house system and the referral, I took pleasure in listening to this gadget’s digital output the most, though the analog output is more than reputable.

Last but not least, I evaluated the WiiM’s audio input, which basically turns this gadget into an audio switch or receiver-lite. It’s practical, however I would not purchase it entirely to disperse an analog source around your home. In listening tests– where I changed the output to digital and didn’t send it to another speaker– there was an absence of information in the upper mids, that made it sound AM-radio-like. I had the ability to EQ that deficit out rather, however naturally, your EQ pre-programmed would require to be altered by hand if you altered input once again. Likewise, the analog inputs can just send out to another WiiM system and not to an AirPlay or Chromecast integrated gadget. If you wish to send out an analog gadget around your home, I discovered through additional screening that the Sonos Port was a huge dive in regards to ease of usage and in audio quality.

On a WiiM and a prayer

For nearly twenty years, I have actually covered streaming music, and the WiiM Pro is the very best budget plan gamer I have actually evaluated given that the Chromecast Audio. Though individuals such as myself hope that the Chromecast Audio remains permanently, its future isn’t at all ensured. I’m hoping that the outstanding WiiM Pro is here to state.

My one problem, if you can even call it that, is the WiiM Pro attempts to do excessive for so little, and if there’s ever a WiiM Pro 2 it might reject a few of the peripheral functions. If you desire a 12v trigger or an audio input, the Sonos Port and other gadgets can do that much better, however at a greater cost. Yet, if you’re trying to find a step-up in regards to audio quality and connection, the WiiM Pro does whatever much better than the Google gadget and at a still-affordable cost.

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