New Water Treatment Innovation for Organic Pollutants

SalmoClinic installation boat with Arvia water treatment containers This short article includes spent for material produced in partnership with Arvia

Numerous water treatment procedures have actually been around for several years, and they all have their usages. Nevertheless, no single procedure can do whatever, and numerous procedures have numerous disadvantages that make their usage challenging in particular circumstances.

Arvia’s CEO described: “We understood that we might minimize the operating expense of water treatment by integrating and improving 2 recognized innovations in one procedure.

Arvia established and fine-tuned a special next-generation water treatment procedure, called Nyex Rosalox ™, created to target and ruin relentless natural contaminants.

Nyex Rosalox ™ utilizes a special mix of adsorption and electrochemical oxidation. There are no moving parts and very little upkeep as the procedure does not need chemical dosing to be reliable and there is no harmful sludge to handle. It’s ideal for a setup on a vessel, where area is a premium, such as explained in this case research study.

Customer: SalmoClinic

SalmoClinic is a well-boat operator in Patagonia, working to assist Salmon farmers administer medications quickly and in a sustainable method. The salmon are moved from the near coast fish pens into the well-boat tanks to be treated with medications to eliminate sea lice etc.


The issue was that after the treatment, the water included a range of pharmaceutical residues (APIs) which required to be gotten rid of from the water prior to disposal, to safeguard the beautiful waters of Patagonia.


SalmoClinic approached Arvia who had the ability to reveal elimination of the chemicals, Azamethiphos, deltamethrin and cypermethrin, to trace levels, utilizing their Nyex Rosalox ™ water treatment procedure.

In the trials, Nyex Rosalox ™ utilized less than 1kWh/m3 and eliminated the relentless natural substances in less than 15 minutes.

” They have an excellent human work group, and an innovation that can bring numerous advantages to you, such as a much better future for the environment.” Hans Kossmann, MD SalmoClinic.

To learn more about how the unique Nyex Rosalox ™ water treatment system from Arvia works, visit their site here

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