macos – Crucial pointers to safeguard an external drive on Mac?

Guideline 1: Never ever keep your drive plugged in while shutting down/rebooting the system

Do not leave your external drive linked to your Mac alone. Prior to you close down your Mac or enter into hibernation mode, be constantly sure to physically detach your drive Whenever you closed down your Mac with your external drive plugged in, even if it has actually been ejected, it remounts and quickly ends at the last minute. This results in regular information corruption on the external drive and the requirement to reformat it. This is my experience and feedback from other users on online forums. I just recently had 3GB of almost 60GB of information damaged due to unawareness of this guideline. Thank goodness I might recuperate the majority of the information and rebuild the damaged part. That’s why I feel the desire to publish this crucial pointer.

Guideline 2: Prevent abrupt termination of your drive at all expenses

The 2nd pointer is likewise about preventing an unanticipated termination of your external drive. I when needed to reformat my drive due to an unintended reconnection while disconnecting it. Therefore, the majority of the concerns associated with preserving the information on your drive relate to defective termination of the drive. Make sure that you detach the drive’s cable television completely and instantly when detaching the drive. Constantly eject the drive prior to detaching it unless the light shows that the drive is “immediately ejected” due to lack of exercise. In general, by all ways and methods, make certain to remove such situations in order to get a long and constant drive life.

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