ADU 01241: Do I actually require to utilize advanced GCP’s

Today’s program is everything about comprehending the usage and significance of advanced GCPs and their significance in making sure quality deliverables.

Our concern for today, from DeWayne, has to do with utilizing advanced GCPs. DeWayne is observing his colleagues and group rely more on naturally taking place markers to use their mapping objectives. He wants to understand if they are undoubtedly reliable and if pilots can escape utilizing naturally taking place markers or stand-in markers such as paints and pinstripes

An extremely legitimate concern and we address the concern by very first resolving the requirement for carrying out reliable geo-referencing in mapping tasks. We then dig deep into making use of advanced GCPs and the guidelines that pilots require to think about while performing objectives.

We then note out all the possible mistakes that can take place in georeferencing due to bad choice of GCPs and how it can affect last deliverables and follow it up by checking out reliable methods to release GCPs and when pilots can really utilize naturally taking place markers.

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[01:56] Discover everything about Drone U’s in-person mapping bootcamps and things you can gain from the bootcamp
[03:44] Todays concern on ground targets and are natural taking place targets and targets such as pinstripes and paint obstructs reliable groundtargets
[06:28] Why reliable georeferencing is essential for mapping
[07:03] The perfect guidelines for ground control points that pilots require to follow
[09:04] Mistakes that can sneak into georeferencing due to bad choice of GCPs
[12:10] Efficient methods to release GCP in drone objectives

[13:57] Naturally taking place markers and the mistakes that they generate designs

[15:01] When can pilots utilize naturally taking place markers

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