Twitter blackout logs you out and will not let you back in

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Update: The blackout seems dealt with and Twitter users can when again log into the desktop website.

A Twitter blackout has actually logged lots of users out of the site and avoids them from logging back into the website.

At around 3:45 PM ET, Twitter users worldwide reported they were all of a sudden logged out of the desktop site, with thousands reporting concerns on DownDetector.

Reports of Twitter issues on DownDetector for May 1st
Reports of Twitter concerns on DownDetector for Might 1st
Source: DownDetector

When trying to log back into the website, the logins would appear to work, however the website would reroute you to the logout URL.

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Juri tweet

This appears to mostly be impacting users on Google Chrome and Chromebook, with my account logged out in Chrome however not in Mozilla Firefox.

After trying to log back into Twitter with Google Chrome a 2nd time, the website triggered me for extra info, specifying that the account had uncommon activity.

Once I got in that info, I might visit to the account once again.

This does not seem the exact same for other individuals impacted by the repetitive cycle of login and logouts.

No concerns are noted on Twitter’s status page or assistance account, so we will likely need to wait on the blackout to solve itself.

The concerns dealt with with no updates from Twitter on the cause.

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