Welcome to Cursillo, a lay movement of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Please enjoy these brief, heart-felt testimonials given freely by members of our movement. In their witnesses of faith, we offer you the opportunity to grow your faith, experience God's love and join a supportive Catholic Christian community anchored in the love of Jesus Christ.

Cursillo helped me reconnect with my sister after 30 years

Mark describes the “outpouring of grace” he received on his Cursillo weekend, after recognizing that something important was missing in his life – a relationship with his Creator. To his surprise, he discovered many family members already made their Cursillo weekend including his own mom and a distant relationship with his sister after 30 years.

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Bishop Crosby: “Any priest who experiences a Cursillo, I really do think it enriches their ministry…”

“…because they are listening to lay people talk about their experience of faith and of meeting Christ. I think it helps them even in the kinds of homilies they give because so much of it is based on personal experience. I loved the honesty of the group and the team formation. It has deepened my(…)

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