What I wore for Fox in Flats Style Dare March – Week 2

Week 2 of the Fox in Flats Style Challenge done and dusted! There was a minor hiccup this week, there was to be a 4 day work conference this week, so I was not able to complete the full week. Here goes!

What I wore for Fox in Flats Style Dare March – Week 1

Yayy! I love these challenges! I have done a few of these now on Instagram and we have build quite a lovely, stylish, supportive community.

Product Review : Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi

If you are a tad sensitive about seeing feet and crusty heels, you better stop reading. If you want to know about a product that will give you smooth-as-a-baby’s-bottom feet: I have found it for you.

What I Wore Today- playing the tourist in black and blue

Today I think the background steals the show. Naradhan in central NSW has a population of 166 people at last count. I went on a road trip with my friend Leanne and her folks roots are from this area.

Where I went today – Country Town shopping

Just a very quick share of some of the goodies I found in a little store run by 4 local ladies at a very small country town 560km West from Sydney. Cargelligo Collectibles in Lake Cargelligo. So many quaint finds at the little treasure trove:

My Current Obsession – Benefit Gimme Brow

Cara Delevigne, I want your brows. Don’t care about the supermodel figure, flawless skin and I-Die-Hair. Ok.

What I wore for my Bali holiday

I am such a bad packer. I start off well. Making a list of outfits and possible other combos.

What I have been asked to write about: Black on black suitable for working as a waitress

My pretty friend Kate suggested I write about all black outfits that she can wear to work as a waitress. One of the funnest jobs I have ever had was working in an Italian restaurant when the kids were little. The dress code was All Black, so I have a little experience on this topic!

How Cinderella got ready for the Ball in 30 minutes and what she wore

The big finale of the Look Good Feel Better Fundraising Dreamweek is the Uber Glamorous Dreamball. Tickets are highly sought after and the Who’s Who of the Australian cosmetic and beauty industry all attend. The industry provides around $3 million worth of products a year for the workshops and funds literature and promotional material for this wonderful cause.

casual wear

What I have been asked to write about: Leisure Wear

* shudder* The name alone makes me think of pink velour track suits, or even worse, parachute pants. Runners worn with jeans, or Bintang singlets from Bali. And that is EXACTLY what comes up when you Google: