Norbert neugirg inspires with sarcasm and depth

Norbert neugirg inspires with sarcasm and depth

A different kind of christmas reading: "how christmas has already come, when the goose lets go its feathers, browns and heats the saber, spreads its legs from the roasting tube." This is how the prologue to the ironic, often pointedly tongued altneihauser christmas reading begins, to which the TSV neuhaus invited guests to the TSV home last saturday. Norbert neugirg – musician, cabaret artist, author, writer and actor – came with his fire department band from neuhaus in der oberpfalz to neuhaus in den aischgrund "such a peasant town between carp ponds and horseradish paddies" – come.

Neugirg can lord it over everything. Only when you listen more closely do you realize how profound his critical and sarcastic remarks actually are. For example, the long-term damage to health caused by the christmas festival, the bratwurst stall battle, or the gluhweinfasenacht (a night of gluhwein). The boss’s rules on how employees should behave at the christmas party make the whole room laugh. Then it goes on beat by beat about the competition in the matter of lighting up to the explosion of the coal-fired power plant, because the candles on the advent wreath are not enough for the people for a long time any more. "The stories are very hard, but the man is right. He speaks from my soul", said an enthusiastic listener during the break.

Between the individual contributions, the excellent musicians come to "sound". There are wavering melodic fragments, which are drawn out and then often end in an oblique manner.

Before the program began, the cabaret artist himself explained a little about how he became what he is today: "my father was in a social club and once i was there when they were working on a santa claus poem", he revealed. "Write it like that, i told them and realized that i can do it and that it makes me happy." Neugirg always has a note with him in case he comes up with something new. "In an emergency, a beer mug will do as well."

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