Concrete parts crumble on the ceiling formwork

Concrete parts crumble on the ceiling formwork

At best a reason for gymnastics fans to be happy – but for teachers, sports enthusiasts and the many clubs that use the gymnasiums at martinsschule, it is more than just an unforeseen annoyance: due to damage to the ceiling, the part of the building that was built in the 1970s has been closed off. Parts had drawn lots in the lower gymnasium, the city loved in a durren message announce.
As principal kerstin friedrich reported on request, she was informed on wednesday by torsten brunk from the city’s building department that something had come loose on the ceiling. Stefan schelter, who is involved in the matter as head of the building code, explains to our newspaper exactly what happened. The good news: nothing has yet fallen from the ceiling. But be careful: in the lower part of the two-story hall building, there is a wooden ceiling with tongue and groove, where some sagging boards have been discovered. " Parts of the overlying reinforced concrete ceiling must have loosened and now rest on the wooden boarding", suspects schelter.
It will not be possible to say anything more until the formwork is removed on friday.The load-bearing ceiling could then be examined by structural engineers.

Sports island as an alternative

The necessary renovation work and thus the duration of the closure of the hall will depend on the result. Not only the 240 students of the martinsschule are affected but also 14 clubs that use the hall. Good thing it’s summer: as an alternative, the martinsschule can use the sports island and the city park for outdoor sports.

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