Ceremony at the erlangen-hochstadt district office

Ceremony at the erlangen-hochstadt district office

Klaus neudecker retired after more than 46 years of service. Since february 1990, neudecker has been deputy head of the office for children, youth and families. During his long years of service, he dealt with legal and financial matters of parents, among other things. From questions of doubt and law, modesty to compensation and social benefits, neudecker shaped the "economic youth welfare" as group leader for almost three decades in the district decisively with".

If you want to borrow dishes from the district office, you can’t get past him: robert voitlein from the central services department of the district office is the master of the dish pool. Whether post office, registry or dishes: the 60-year-old from lonnerstadt has known for 25 years where to find what in the district office. At present, he is mainly concerned with the procurement of building materials for the district office and other district facilities, especially district schools. District administrator alexander tritthart offered his warmest congratulations on the occasion during a ceremony at the district administration office. Both of them have always demonstrated a great deal of sensitivity in their work. Tritthart thanked the "loyal and very reliable employees".

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