Photo competition: analog instead of digital is in demand

The future is digital, and in many areas of life, the present is already digital. If you want to know something, ask auntie google or watch a film on youtube. Virtual assistants play your favorite music or turn on the tv. The building services are controlled by a sophisticated control system. Digital natives don’t go to the bank statement printer to find out about their money movements – they are informed immediately via app if even a cent is added to or removed from their account. A daily newspaper on paper? An e-paper is much more convenient!

And yet: life without bits and bytes also has its special charm – especially from an optical point of view. "Beautiful analog world that’s why the current theme of the photo competition for young people is "aperture", in which the french day bamberg participates again. In this special topic for young people up to 18 years of age – in addition, there are two open categories with the titles "nightlife" and "in motion – photo motifs are wanted that are free of digital helpers. This can be a person smoldering in a thick waltz or a particularly old-fashioned, but still intact everyday object. As with all aperture themes, there are no limits to the photographers’ imagination.

Tips from the pros

However, it’s not just a matter of choosing a suitable motif, but also of setting the scene in an appealing and exciting way. "A common mistake in image design is to set up all images symmetrically", says matthias hoch, chief photographer at frankischer tag. If the horizon line is always in the middle of the picture and the motif is always in the center, the pictures look boring.

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