Oberdorf and leupolz - competition in the defensive center

Dark rain clouds hung over the team headquarters of the german women’s soccer team near rennes – but youngster lena oberdorf was beaming despite the dreary weather in brittany.

The 17-year-old from SGS essen has so far played in three out of four world cup matches for the german eleven. "I’m really happy with my playing time," the defensive player said on monday in bruz. At the spa and golf hotel there, the DFB women are preparing for their quarterfinal match on saturday (18.30 o’clock) before. Opponents are sweden, which defeated canada 1:0 (0:0) in the evening.

At the age of 17 years, five months and 20 days, oberdorf had already made history at the german world cup opener. With her substitution against china (1:0), she replaced record international birgit prinz as the youngest german player at a world championship. The current team psychologist for the DFB women was 52 days old when she made her debut in 1995. It’s been a rapid rise for oberdorf: the high school student had played just 16 national league games leading up to the world championship – now she’s in the round of the last eight at the world tournament.

With a wide-ranging supporting program from the punch and judy show to the exhibition "200 years of bavaria and 100 years of the bavarian constitution" the BBZ (vocational training center) held an open day with performances by the choir, the percussion group and the dance formation.
In addition, "the mullman and the magician" was shown listed. This poetic theater piece is an own production of the academy for social pedagogy.

The reason for the open day was the 50th anniversary of the state vocational schools for food and care and child care and the 40th anniversary of the vocational school for geriatric care of caritas. Already on friday a ceremony with numerous invited guests and with the president of the state parliament barbara stamm as keynote speaker took place.

Anyone who wanted to find out about all the training and study options at BBZ had a lot to do at the open house. After all, six schools are united under one roof here: the state vocational school for nutrition and care, the state vocational school for child care, the state vocational school for social care, as well as the caritas vocational school for geriatric care, the caritas vocational school for curative education and the caritas vocational academy for social pedagogy.

It is a truly colorful world of animals, full of bright colors and an almost contagious happiness that opens up to the visitor in the entrance area of the parish chancellery in tschirn. This "paradise of animals" is seven and a half by three meters in size – so the appropriate title of the mural – the most different kinds of animals.

It was created by the artist hubert weber (1920 – 2013) from lichtenfels – known as the "painter without hand" – in 1963 in encaustic-technique (wax-smooth-painting). Unfortunately, the painting shows inexplicable serious damage, the causes of which have not yet been adequately explained.

"The mural in tschirn inspires me with its colors and great atmospheres", district curator of local history robert wachter swarmed. Just look at the depiction of the tiger on the tree in front of this coarse sun disk – surrounded by a red, blue and violet colored sky -, below it the lowen. Or the baren in front of the bird’s nest on the tree, or the funny monkey hanging on the branch with the parrot and fooling around with the goat and the dog.

Meyernberg elementary school has successfully applied to become one of these "satellite schools" and is now participating in this pilot program.

As a rule, children start school when they are six years old in september, at the beginning of the respective school year. They do not have to be at a certain developmental level. Some can already write or do math, sometimes even both, while others are still at the beginning. Some children may struggle with the german language. However, age is only of limited use as a yardstick to determine a child's social, physical and mental development.

"With the "flexible elementary school," we can provide our students with more developmentally appropriate challenges.", according to hanne bluchel, principal of meyernberg elementary school. "As of this school year, our first and second graders are taught in four mixed-grade flexible classes. The difference between this and the usual mixed-grade classes is that each student can complete the first two grades in one, two or even three years without this being counted as skipping or repeating."
From a pedagogical point of view, the "flexible elementary school" takes into account takes into account the heterogeneity and individual learning pace of each child.

Doubts about the appointment of local representatives

Local representatives are those city councillors who raise the concerns and notes from their respective districts to the political stage. In the past years, their appointment was considered a formality. But this year this kind of decision led to discussions. For this reason, the city council had made the decision at its constituent meeting on 8 march. May deferred.

Compatible with municipal regulations

Now, at the city council meeting in the elementary school gymnasium, head of administration roland gorke, after consulting with the legal supervisor at the district administration office, came up with the information that the appointment by city council decision, which had been used until then, was compatible with the municipal code. The district office draws a parallel to the appointment of the district council deputies in the district council to explain this. There, too, the mandate holders vote among themselves without letting the people decide.

Reimar gluckler maintained the doubts of the CBB faction at the meeting. The appointment of the local representative was a special hammelburg procedure that was anchored in the hammelburg city council’s bylaws in 1978 and should now be reviewed by a recognized expert, he said. "Neither the scope of duties nor the criteria for appointment are clearly defined", he complained.

Burgerverein scheuerfeld active for 40 years

The doreihnacht. The oven festival. The scheuerfeld club calendar. There probably wouldn't have been any of this without the burgerverein scheuerfeld. But this is not what it was founded for 40 years ago. "It should, so to speak, replace the scheuerfeld municipal council when scheuerfeld becomes a district of coburg", says werner leib. He was one of 48 people from scheuerfeld who voted at the castle's meeting on 15 june. April 1972 the association was founded. He was then also immediately elected as schriftfuhrer.

Leib was active in the association for 30 years, as a member of the board and for several years as chairman. Back then, in the early 1990s, the burgers' association fought against a possible "west route the A 73. It had passed coburg to the west. The choice fell however then on the east road and many scheuerfelder probably a stone from the heart.

Because scheuerfeld developed after the incorporation into the city into one of the rough building areas of the city. The fact that land was available for new housing and that the people of scheuerfeld had already financed water pipes, sewers and proper roads from their own resources was the dowry that the "gaabbauern" were able to provide into the marriage with the city.

The fire department goes to school

Rentweinsdorf – fire department commander florian rengstl and firefighter tobias diringer visited the elementary schools in rentweinsdorf. First, as the school reported after the visit, the rentweinsdorf firefighters showed the children what a firefighter has to wear as equipment. The children were allowed to hold the trousers, jacket, helmet, belt, firefighter boots and even the respirator mask in their hands. In the process, they realized that the equipment was very heavy. "And in this heavy equipment, the firefighters have to do their job" explained teacher petra haubner.
Fire department commander rengstl calmly and patiently explained to the children how to behave in the event of a fire.
Afterwards, the children were allowed to go out with the firemen to the two fire engines.
" That was a great thing!", heibt it from the school. The two firefighters showed the children the items that a fire truck has to have in order to be ready for all operations.
The children were allowed to touch some of the equipment themselves. At the end, the siren was switched on and each child was allowed to sit in the fire truck.If only school days were more often this exciting! 

The renovation of the pavement between the main building of the carl-von-linde-realschule and the triple gymnasium has undoubtedly been a success. The project cost the district of kulmbach around 250000 euros as the property developer. The new concept is appealing, not only because of its functionality, but also and especially because of its park-like character.
In the presence of principal monika hild and schoolchildren from the all-day class, district administrator klaus peter sollner () has now officially handed over the auben facilities to their intended use.

Concrete crumbled

The reasons that led to the renewal were obvious. Above all, the concrete stairs were in a state of disrepair, traffic safety was repeatedly threatened, and frequent emergency repairs were the result. The concrete paving had also partially disintegrated as a result of years of frost, and the schoolchildren had to repeatedly avoid tripping hazards.
In addition, the entire gelande was unevenly seated. So when it rained, coarser and coarser puddles formed, which in winter led to black ice. The pathway lighting was also long outdated and outdated and with 120 watts of power per light compared to the planned LED solution with twelve watts per light energetically far from the state of the art.
Until now, it was not possible with the existing stairs to overcome the enormous difference between the bus stop and the parking lot and the entrance level to the gymnasium without steps.
The new route allows for a completely step-free overcoming of the height difference, for example with a stroller, as an alternative to using the stairs. Although the pathway does not meet the standard for handicapped accessibility due to its length – it is steeper than the permitted six percent in some places – wheelchair users can also use the facility with a helper without any problems.

Biotope integrated

The school biotope was also included in the renovation, as the path runs directly past it. New seating for lingering was also created. Finally, a new planting with less sealed areas and a harmonious pathway provides a park-like character.
The overall planning was in the hands of andreas kolb from the district office. For the planting plan, district technical advisor friedhelm haun was responsible, the construction work was done by the company gohl from mainroth. The necessary gelander, which still has to be attached, is made by the company metallbau oertel, from leuchau.

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