French election has begun in ubersee

For months, he has been ahead in all the polls of nicolas sarkozy, the president who is fighting for a second term in office.

Starting at noon (1200 CEST) on saturday, 5000 eligible voters on the islands of saint-pierre and miquelon off the canadian atlantic coast were able to cast their ballots. In the course of the day, the urns were held in other overseas territories such as the caribbean islands of guadeloupe and martinique. On the french mainland, elections will be held this sunday.

According to the newspaper "le figaro," the conservative prime minister francois fillon expects a "50:50 result": "it will be decided by a few hundred thousand votes," he said. Hollande had told journalists the day before, according to "le parisien," that he would consider 52 percent of the vote a rough success. "Even 50.5 means victory," said the socialist, who has been polling at 54 to 57 percent so far.

Danger from solar storms not averted

This is what astrophysicist volker bothmer of the university of gottingen told the news agency dpa. The corresponding region on the sun is still active, he said.

Stroke side effect of the storms from space: polar lights are easy to observe in northern regions. For example, a wonderful spectacle could be marveled at in the sky over iceland.

The solar storm that hit the earth on thursday had much less impact than feared. There were only a few disruptions to radio traffic in the north polar region, reported werner curdt of the max planck institute for solar system research (MPS) in katlenburg-lindau in lower saxony. "Otherwise nothing happened."

red-grun and the left move closer together in hesse

There is agreement on labor and education as well as the implementation of the energy transition, the three state party leaders declared on friday after a second exploratory meeting in wiesbaden. However, the contentious issues – finances and the expansion of frankfurt airport – are not to be discussed until a third meeting on 1 january. November will be discussed.

After the six-hour meeting, hesse’s SPD leader thorsten schafer-gumbel spoke of an "extraordinarily relaxed climate". However, he called the current exploratory talks "open-ended". However, there has been no "intervention" by the federal SPD in hesse, said schafer-gumbel. He was alluding to SPD federal leader sigmar gabriel, who last week called the left-wing in hesse "crazy in the political sense". "Everyone knows that we decide what happens here," said tarek al-wazir, head of the grunen, on the possible influence of his federal party.

In the state elections on 22. September in hesse, neither black-yellow nor red-green had gained a majority. Soundings are also currently underway for a grand coalition and a black-green alliance. Next monday (28. October), CDU and grune meet for their third round of exploratory talks. SPD and CDU expected to meet again next week. Hesse’s state parliament still officially in office until mid-january 2014.

bandages applied correctly

First-aid training for preschoolers at the "wichtelland" kindergarten in euerfeld and the "sonnenschein" kindergarten in schernau. Alfons gloggler, a local helper of the red cross, showed them in a child-friendly way what to do in emergencies on five mornings in the community center of schernau. With his "assistants" flori and faxi, who are two baren who have an accident while playing fubball in a picture story, he worked out correct behavior with the children, according to the kindergarten’s announcement. The preschoolers learned and tried out how they can comfort and help in such situations. The treatment of wounds, burns and insect bites was discussed as well as the use of plasters and the application of bandages. And then it got practical: under gloggler’s supervision, the children learned to apply plasters and bandages to each other. The ten preschoolers can also safely make an emergency call and turn an unconscious person to the side in a stable position. According to the press release, the highlights of the course were a tour of an ambulance and a rescue backpack, as well as the awarding of the "trust you" course badges.

Ulba – it was a sunny and warm saturday when police officers from the hammelburg police station were on the bike path in the valley of the thulba river to encourage people to wear a helmet. The prevention event was held under the motto "#headdecision!". Officials provided information at a booth for about four hours, and a local bicycle dealer displayed roadworthy bicycles as well as common models of suitable bicycle helmets.

A large number of cyclists passed by in the course of the action in thulba, it says in a press release. The police officers had mainly sought to talk to people who had not yet decided to wear a helmet. But there were also words of praise for those who "did everything right", so to speak.

In addition to the main topic of helmets, attention was also paid to the technical condition of the bicycles during the discussion. However, the majority of deficiencies found were of a minor nature, according to the police. Many of them lacked the required reflectors, and only a very few had significant deficiencies, such as insufficiently effective brakes.

It is mainly viewers of the "generation 40 plus, which should address a calendar, which was presented now and is something special in several respects. What it's about is already shown by the place where it was presented: it's the border between bavaria and thuringia at the burnt bridge between neustadt and sonneberg.

When the 1,000 owners who can get hold of one of the freshly printed calendars open the november edition next year, it will be 30 years since the fall of the inner german border. Exactly on 12. November 1989, at 8 a.M., the first "grenzgangers" marched after decades of division across the burnt bridge from honbach to neustadt. Pictures of these scenes are among the historical images in the calendar, about which peter soyer says: "it is meant as something to be kept"."

The calendar should show that there is a well functioning cooperation between the cities across the border. Peter soyer is a member of the city council of neustadt in his hometown and managing director of the wohnbau gmbh in sonneberg, thus in person an example for the cross-border cooperation of the two cities.

Lawyer doubts: did the expert do a good job??

Lawyer adam ahmed has serious doubts about the expert opinion of a psychiatrist about his client. The munich lawyer represents a 40-year-old man from kulmbach, who is currently serving a prison sentence of several years for dangerous bodily harm, before the lower court in bayreuth.

In december 2012, the man, who has a number of convictions, caused life-threatening injuries to another man during an altercation. He had hit him so hard with a chair that the furniture was broken. Then he continued to beat his victim with a chair leg and knocked him down with a fist punch. Then he kicked several times against his head, stomach and upper body. His victim suffered a fractured cheekbone, a brain hemorrhage and 17 broken ribs. The perpetrator was drunk and under the influence of drugs. The subsequent preventive detention had already been reserved in the verdict at that time.

Attorney ahmed criticized the expert opinion of psychiatrist norbert nedopil, who assumes that the defendant is a danger to other people even after his release from prison. The psychiatrist had attested to his client’s lack of willingness to undergo therapy and lack of stamina, which was a problem, especially in view of the alcohol consumption and the associated increased propensity to violence.

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