Norbert neugirg inspires with sarcasm and depth

A different kind of christmas reading: "how christmas has already come, when the goose lets go its feathers, browns and heats the saber, spreads its legs from the roasting tube." This is how the prologue to the ironic, often pointedly tongued altneihauser christmas reading begins, to which the TSV neuhaus invited guests to the TSV home last saturday. Norbert neugirg – musician, cabaret artist, author, writer and actor – came with his fire department band from neuhaus in der oberpfalz to neuhaus in den aischgrund "such a peasant town between carp ponds and horseradish paddies" – come.

Neugirg can lord it over everything. Only when you listen more closely do you realize how profound his critical and sarcastic remarks actually are. For example, the long-term damage to health caused by the christmas festival, the bratwurst stall battle, or the gluhweinfasenacht (a night of gluhwein). The boss’s rules on how employees should behave at the christmas party make the whole room laugh. Then it goes on beat by beat about the competition in the matter of lighting up to the explosion of the coal-fired power plant, because the candles on the advent wreath are not enough for the people for a long time any more. "The stories are very hard, but the man is right. He speaks from my soul", said an enthusiastic listener during the break.

Between the individual contributions, the excellent musicians come to "sound". There are wavering melodic fragments, which are drawn out and then often end in an oblique manner.

Dora and leo buckl celebrate diamond wedding anniversary - traveling keeps them young

Dora and leo buckl from egloffstein have been a couple for 60 years. And when you ask them how they managed to stay together for so long, they tell you: "you have to stick together in good times and bad and pursue common goals. This is what keeps them together."

This recipe not only helped dora and leo buckl from egilolfstrabe, it also kept them both healthy. Although they are both over 80, they are fit as a fiddle, as they say, and they have a common hobby: traveling.

"Since we’ve been married, we’ve saved every year so that we could go away for three weeks, says leo buckl, a skilled carpenter. "We have met all five parts of the earth", buckl tells the story and shows his "evidence room" – a small room filled with souvenirs from all over the world, including a man-sized clay pot from greece that he carried on the roof of his car, rare stones from turkey, numerous watches and license plates from the u.S.A.

Asparagus with hollandaise sauce, ham or perhaps with potatoes? The number of options of seasonal vegetables can vary widely. But what is the best way to prepare asparagus?? Because one thing is for sure: if the vegetables don’t turn out well, even the side dishes can’t save much. Find out what you should pay special attention to when cooking asparagus.

Especially green asparagus is very popular. When preparing the vegetables, many people start by peeling the spears – but this is not really necessary. Only the ends should be cut off (you can use these later for an asparagus soup). Furthermore, it should be noted that green asparagus only needs to be cooked for a short time. Because the vegetables should be cooked rather than boiled. On the other hand, you should peel the white asparagus first, before it can be cooked. The layers directly under the peel are usually very woody, so this type of asparagus should be coarsely peeled. You should also cut off the ends of female asparagus spears.

Saute instead of boiling

A somewhat less known variant is to roast the asparagus. Here you should first cut the green stalk into small pieces. Then add some oil to the pan and fry the asparagus pieces. The whole remains for five to eight minutes in the pan.

the christmas elves work at the post office

Making gifts spab. And gifts sent from far away in a package are usually particularly interesting and exciting. Because they are exotic or unusual, or even just from a loved one who lives far away.

For the letter carriers and parcel deliverers, the so-called "quiet" time is the most important time before christmas, however, one thing above all: stressful. "For us the stress starts already at the end of november. Then the number of packages increases", manfred pauli (55), who is not disturbed by the jumbled delivery men, all of whom are scurrying about with their parcels, letters and packages at the delivery center in the industriestrabe in kronach.

40 years of service
Pauli has been in the service of deutsche post for 40 years. He knows the hustle and bustle. Three delivery team leaders are superior to the other deliverers. He himself is one of them. "We start at six o'clock in the morning", explains pauli. Then first of all letters, cards, newspapers and other small things are sorted. 40 people work at the delivery base in kronach, sorting the mail so that it can be easily distributed. In the meantime, the delivery men each grab a liver sandwich. To strengthen. And on the side it goes on. Because every minute pays.

Unfinden beer tastes good to the romanians

These days a special festival took place in the italian capital rome. In the limonaia di villa torlonia, a total of 49 breweries from france were presented with their products during three days of a beer festival. From bayer-brau in theinheim to "zwanzger in uhlfeld the wide palette ranged.

It was not only the beers of the larger breweries that could be sampled at the many stands, but also the products of smaller breweries – and the beer of communal breweries. So did the barley juice from the municipal brewery in unfinden, which was also given a special honor. For the unfinden beer was lovingly announced at the beginning of the event by the organizer manuele colonna and together with christian hey, the outgoing chairman of the brewing association in unfinden, described the form of brewing. For christian hey, the presentation was a high point in his work as a co-founder of the unfinden communal brewery association.

For tasting, the unfindeners had a 50-liter barrel with them, which the brewers heinz bauer and thomas bornkessel tapped and served as free beer. Stefan konig played the trumpet "a toast to conviviality". There was also the frankenlied. The beer was well received by the people of rome – and the keg was quickly emptied.

Edda trobs from ebersdorf celebrated her 80th birthday in good health. Birthday. The jubilarian shows great commitment to senior citizen work in the church community.

Born in tettau, she moved to ebersdorf, the hometown of her husband siegbert trobs, who died 17 years ago, because of love. The two got to know each other at a dance on the 1. May in schauberg, where – as the jubilarian tells us – there was a "spark" has. After the engagement, the couple married in 1963 – on the 25th birthday. Birthday of eddatrobs, so that her day of honor was also the 55th. Wedding day was. The trobs moved into the neat house next to the historical tanzanger. The jubilarian now lives here under one roof with her daughter heike rentsch and her family. Her grandchildren are the rough pride of the rough mother of three. Edda trobs used to work in the porcelain factory in tettau, in a car repair shop and for 18 years until her retirement in the jahns brewery in ludwigsstadt. Her main hobby is singing, and as a singer she enriches the ebersdorf choral society with her beautiful voice. For 60 years of active singing, she was honored in 2016 by the german choral federation and the french choral federation. Her late husband had also rendered outstanding services to the choral society as honorary conductor. The jubilarian also shows great commitment as the leader of the senior citizens’ group, where she organizes coffee trips, among other things. Other favorite pastimes of hers are knitting and knocking about. Gardening gives her a lot of pleasure.

u.s. authorities adopt limits on bank proprietary trading

U.S. Regulators have approved the introduction of the financial industry’s controversial "volcker rule" to limit proprietary trading by banks. According to the will of the federal reserve, however, the new rule will be implemented with a time delay only from 2015, it said in the paper adopted on tuesday in washington.

The rule prohibits banks from speculating with money that is largely backed by the state. This has been a major profit generator for many institutions, but a major risk factor for taxpayers. After years of struggle, the U.S. Is learning its lessons from the severe financial crisis of 2008 in the face of stiff opposition from lobbyists.

U.S. President barack obama buried the approval of the authorities: "the volcker rule prohibits firms from using government-backed money to make speculative bets that put the entire financial system at risk," he said, according to a news release.

Day of the youth fell partly proverbially into the water

Those who were on their way to the bakery or similar errands in the city center of forchheim on saturday morning were amazed to see the row of pavilions and tents close together around the town hall square. At the annual "day of the youth 30 clubs, associations and institutions of the "kreisjugendring forchheim" defied the cold and wet weather.

All participants have again put together a colorful program with various activities for children and young people. They took the chance to present the youth work in the district of forchheim.

Warm drinks help

"In good weather, anyone can do it", the organizers thought, and so stefanie schmitt, the district youth welfare officer, and hermann ulm, the district administrator, were visibly pleased with the enthusiasm with which the full-time and voluntary workers spread good cheer despite the rain. Hot drinks and warm food kept the spirits alive. The rehearsed and prepared performances of karate/sports club, blue light fractions up to guards performances as well as the musical show program could be shown due to the persistent rain in slimmed down version resp. Had to be canceled even completely.

Defendant lets deal burst

After more than two hours of testimony, the prosecutor’s patience ran out on friday. Jana huber interrupted defendant O. During his testimony: "is this a joke, what you are reporting here?? Is that your idea of making a deal??" Huber was visibly incensed: "the public prosecutor’s office agreed to the deal on the condition that you stick to the agreement." What the 39-year-old defendant has said so far are merely "tales", and that means your agency is no longer bound by the terms of the settlement agreement.
Background: a week ago, six defendants were sentenced to several years in prison for aggravated gang theft. The men from the czech republic, moldova and romania had stolen vehicles in germany and moved them to the czech republic. One of the manneres testified as a witness against the others involved and is therefore in a witness protection program.

Workshop as transshipment point

The 39-year-old o., the man the prosecution alleges to have been a wire-puller and gang leader was, after an appropriate plea bargain, briefly described by the presiding judge as a "deal" designated – separated from the previous main process. Not only the court, but also the investigators hoped for a comprehensive clarification of the people behind the gang.
On friday, the trial began, now under a new file number, against the 39-year-old, who, according to police witnesses, ran a workshop in the czech republic where the stolen cars, vans and construction machinery were allegedly dismantled into individual parts and resold. In the process, the man is alleged to have acted as a gang leader.
The "deal" between the two defense attorneys, the public prosecutor’s office and the first gross criminal division at the district court should regulate the further course of action in the proceedings. In exchange for a full confession, the defendant was given a maximum sentence of seven years and six months. For this reason, it was possible to dispense with extensive evidence gathering, questioning of witnesses and expert opinions.

Fence or thief?

Prosecution charges defendant with some 62 counts of grand theft by gang. "It is to be clear whether he was a fence or a stealer", said presiding judge christoph gillot on the role of the accused.
The 39-year-old spent two hours answering the charges. In more than half of the cases, he denied involvement, could not remember or commit. Out of fear of his co-defendants, the backers and the political situation in the czech republic, he has not testified so far, he explained. His wife and son had received threatening letters. Moreover, it is "simply not true", that he was a kind of "boss had been. Instead, he named names: the defendant V, who was sentenced to four years in prison., who had testified in the witness protection program, and his friend M., the accused, who is still at large, was allegedly involved in the series of thefts. "I do not understand why M. So far no one has asked." He declared his willingness to reveal the whereabouts of M. To communicate.
In addition, the defendant named customers and other men who allegedly helped with the thefts or the dismantling of the vehicles. He agreed to clarify how the vehicles of the brands BMW, VW, mercedes and skoda were cracked by means of electronic control units.
After the defendant explained the suspicious vehicle movements of the convicted compagnons around his workshop with the blocking of a penalty, the prosecutor lost patience. The confession did not go far enough for her. She announced that the deal was off: "is that the way you want it??"
After consulting with his attorneys, O remained. During his testimony. He was, however, prepared to make further statements. "My client is less concerned about the penalty than about the civil claims that could be made against him, said his lawyer narine schulz. Prosecutor huber countered: "I am sure that we will find O. The accused was able to prove the following facts. It is only a question of time."

Skating rink and hobbles

Twelve-year-old leonardo's long-cherished wish is now within reach. The planned skate park in weisendorf, which is longed for by children and young people, is getting ever closer. Mayor alexander tritthart (CSU) had invited to a youth conference in the meeting room and about 20 children and young people were allowed to express their wishes on the plan of architect roland ellinger.

At the beginning the mayor apologized for the long time it took to present the plan and explained the bureaucratic requirements. Leonardo presented the mayor with a list of 200 signatures and repeatedly visited the town hall to inquire about the status of the project. "The leonardo kept coming and asking me when it was finally going to be done", mayor tritthart said with a grin.

For example, a suitable site had to be found where the requirements for the protection of lice could be met, followed by a change in the land use plan and the creation of a development plan. This topic was discussed again and again, sometimes even very emotionally, in the town council. "Well over ten sites were proposed, all but two of which were rejected by the district office", explained tritthart. The mayor was repeatedly accused of not having anything left for the young people in weisendorf.

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