Plays hajck karapetjan in erlangen?

plays hajck karapetjan in erlangen?

The handball players of the HG kunstadt have to play a final game in this landesliga season on saturday evening. Host for the team of HGK coach johan andersson is at 8 pm the second team of TV erlangen-bruck – a neighbor in the table. At the moment, the two teams are still separated by three points, but a defeat would bring the men from obermain dangerously close to the relegation zone. But even more important from kunstadt's point of view is to get the defeat from the previous week against TV munchberg out of their heads. Here, the front men of goalkeeper alexander kiebling carelessly squandered the opportunity to establish themselves in the midfield of the table. Instead, the focus is now back on the bottom line.

In erlangen under pressure

On saturday, the HGK is thus under zugzwang. In erlangen, the team will also have to prove that they have learned from the mistakes of the last game day. Against munchberg the number of mistakes and undiscipline was simply too high. Nevertheless, the kunstadt team had a chance of winning against a strong opponent. However, the up-and-coming team does not yet deliver consistent performances. Convincing victories against fichtelgebirge and sulzbach were followed by disappointing games again and again. Last sunday, however, it also became clear that the HGK always gets into trouble when it plays too nimbly on the offensive – even though it actually has the right "tempo-makers" joins.

Worries the team the knochel of hajck karapetjain. But his mission against erlangen-bruck was immensely important. The third league reserve is also occasionally taken from the "first" 😉 personnel supported.

Top match for HGK "second" team

Injury worries also plague the second HGK team. The kunstadt team had to pay dearly for the fifth win in the fifth game at TV ebersdorf II. Player-coach max wunschig broke his hand. The leader of the west district league wants to keep up its westward momentum on sunday (4 p.M., obermainhalle) against SG bad rodach/grobwalbur II, which is also still unbeaten.