Weisendorf csu sends duthorn into the race

Weisendorf csu sends duthorn into the race

The CSU of weisendorf sends matthias duthorn as its candidate in the 2020 mayoral election. The 45-year-old police chief superintendent and district councilor lives in the buch district and was nominated at the nomination meeting in the oberlindach hotel "acantus" unanimously elected – there were no opposing candidates. This did not come as a surprise, because duthorn had already been considered as a candidate since he was unanimously elected as the new chairman of the CSU local association at its annual general meeting in february.

Duthorn already has experience in local politics; he is a member of the district council and was also a city councilor in herzogenaurach for six years. In 2014, he ran against mayor german hacker (SPD) in the municipal elections in herzogenaurach and received 21.35 percent of the votes.

District administrator alexander tritthart, duthorn’s predecessor as local chairman, campaigned for the mayoral candidate: "we are the CSU, and that requires that in the communities with a CSU local association, CSU candidates are also nominated in the local elections." Democracy lives from the election and the regular change at the top, which is why it is time that there is a CSU mayor in weisendorf again, explained tritthart.

Criticism of lack of ideas

Duthorn called on the members during his presentation to unity, because the community is worth it that the council and the mayor work for the market weisendorf. This is how ideas had to be implemented and concepts pushed forward. "This happens in weisendorf, however, recognizably too little. In a number of areas, there is political stagnation and a lack of ideas."

In the past six years, the CSU faction has supported and pushed most of the projects in the market town council and supported the mayor. However, nothing happened with the CSU proposals, such as the installation of hotspots or the erection of electric pillars, despite the corresponding resolutions. In addition, things had to move forward much faster with the swimming pond or the ball sports hall.

Calm is to return

"The seniors are particularly close to my heart. Weisendorf needs a facility for seniors, there was some talk about it, but now there is a standstill again and there is no more information about it", criticized the candidate. More needs to be done in the town center, too, the political representatives said, although they could not prevent the loss of businesses, the town center urgently needs to be revitalized. Furthermore, weisendorf must become greener, and duthorn did not mean a specific party, but more green and flowers.

And that brought him to the current topic, the planned mast facility near kairlindach. "The discussions in the social media are very heated and lack objectivity", criticized duthorn. From adults one can expect more objectivity and reasonableness. It is therefore urgently necessary to bring the two fronts in weisendorf together again. It would have been good if the municipality had informed the population in advance, because it was known that resistance was forming. It is the goal of the CSU to restore calm, because weisendorf does not deserve such a policy.

"I am running for mayor because weisendorf is a lovely community where you can feel very comfortable and where there is a lot of potential. Potential that is currently not being used enough, duthorn concluded his introductory speech.