Speed cameras at almost 20 locations on thursday

Speed cameras at almost 20 locations on thursday

Attention! There will be speed cameras at almost 20 locations in the district on thursday. For the first time, the bavarian police are organizing a so-called "speeding marathon".

"Of course it's a double whammy", police chief inspector and traffic officer georg pabstmann. More personnel are needed for this action. After all, there will be three hours of speeding on thursday morning, another one in the afternoon and another one at night.

The purpose of this action, female pabstmann, is not to punish as many traffic violations as possible, but to raise awareness of the consequences of speeding violations, with the involvement of the media. "This is intended to achieve a certain sustainability and improvement in traffic safety. This positive effect is then to be strengthened by an explanatory speech at the control points", according to pabstmann.

Wait for the effect
He believes that a part of the road users will certainly look at the speedometer on thursday, but another part probably does not think already when getting into the car that there will be intensified speeding today. This is doubly annoying, of course.

Whether the campaign will have a lasting effect? Pabstmann is not in a position to assess this. "We have to wait and see."

Speeding routes in the county
Generally in the upper franconia far comparison in the circle kronach already quite many laser controls are accomplished.

What typical positions are? "Between pressig and neukenroth, for example, although this is already declining due to the poor road conditions."

The bypass near wallenfels, the rennsteig as well as the stretches between johannisthal and kups or in marktrodach between grobvichtach and seibelsdorf are also known as so-called speeding stretches. "On the one hand, this is due to the clarity, on the other hand, it is due to the width of the road", pabstmann explains.

Something achieved
If the people there now but already drive carefully, because they know that there is frequently flashed "we have already achieved something", he is convinced.

From a purely perceptual point of view, he also believes that the many controls have reduced the number of speeding accidents in the circle, but this can be tangibly measured not. "I think our presence is already leading to this," says pabstmann, says pabstmann.