The church and the money

Good management of the money of the faithful is also a spiritual task, according to the words of bishop franz jung. This was emphasized by the bishop at the constituent meeting of the diozesan tax committee of the wurzburg diocese on tuesday in wurzburg's burkardus house. The committee stands for the consistent separation of administration and supervision in the wurzburg diocese, he said. The term of office of the board lasts until 31 december. December 2025.

Bishop jung and the bishop's financial director sven kunkel are members of the committee by virtue of their office. Elected secular member is also dieter kopf from zeil. He is active in zeil as a church administrator, acts as a town councillor and works full-time in the state financial administration (tax office).

The diocesan tax committee decides on the diocesan budget and audits the annual accounts of the diocese of wurzburg with the involvement of the college of consultants (cathedral chapter). He ensures responsible use of the money that church taxpayers give to the diocese so that it benefits as many people as possible.

The bishop made it clear that care must be taken to invest ethically and sustainably. In view of the corona crisis and the associated slump in church tax revenues, it is essential to reach a consensus on strategic goals, said bishop jung.