Call for spontaneous demonstration at the himbeerpalast

The friday for future movement called for a spontaneous demonstration in front of the raspberry palace in erlangen yesterday afternoon. The background to this is the decision by siemens CEO joe kaeser to stick with a contract for a coal mine in australia despite fierce criticism from climate protectionists. Siemens wants to supply the signaling technology for a train link that will transport the coal to the port there.

With the decision to stick with the project – a contract worth 18 million euros – the friday for future movement accuses the company's CEO of "kicking the sustainable aspirations of his company into the dustbin".

Climate list calls on politicians

The klimaliste erlangen also reacts to the decision of the chairman of the board of siemens with displeasure. A press release states: "joe kaeser's decision is irresponsible and sends a catastrophic signal, especially to the younger generation."

The climate list plans for the city of erlangen to reach the goal of climate neutrality by the year 2025. This is only possible if the local companies make their contribution. Political leaders, especially the mayors of the siemens sites in munich and erlangen, should take a clear stand now, says the climate list.