Helicopters maintain contact with wrecked “costa allegra

Helicopters maintain contact with wrecked 'costa allegra

This was explained by a german representative of the shipping company costa crociere on tuesday evening. The ship is now being towed to the seychelles, where it is expected to arrive two days late on thursday morning.

The accident of the “costa allegra” hits again a cruise ship of the italian shipping company, which also owns the wrecked ship “costa concordia. The fire in the engine room of the “costa allegra” did not injure anyone on the way from madagascar to the seychelles on monday. The more than 1000 people drove through the tropics, but without air conditioning and functioning power supply. Their 26-day voyage was to sail from mauritius via madagascar through the suez canal to savona in italy. Now it ends in the seychelles, from where the vacationers are to fly home immediately.

A french deep-sea fishing trawler and two tugs are to tow the unmanoeuvrable "costa allegra" to the seychelles main island of mahe in the indian ocean. The tugboats had reached the italian ship and could now bring it there more quickly, the genoese shipping company costa crociere announced. Of the 1049 people on board, 636 are passengers from 25 countries. There are 38 germans, 90 swiss, 97 austrians, 127 french and 135 italians.

According to a report by the austrian news agency APA, the public prosecutor’s office in the italian port city of genoa has meanwhile launched an investigation to clarify the causes of the fire in the engine room. The captain of the "costa allegra" had ruled out that the fire could have been started deliberately.

The italian consumer protection association codacons now wants the shipping company to pay compensation to the passengers. The travelers had suffered considerable damage because of the fire due to fear and stress.

The original intention was to tow the "costa allegra," which was disabled after a fire in the engine room, to the nearby island of desroches. However, an inspection showed that the safety conditions for docking and disembarking there were not given. Accommodation on the island is also insufficient, the shipping company explained.

In the meantime, the people on board are being taken care of: helicopters are bringing food, flashlights and other necessary equipment for the "costa allegra". Weather conditions are good. "At night, it will be best for passengers to stay out on deck," giorgio moretti from the shipping company advised passengers. For off the seychelles, heat of up to 30 degrees is forecast.

Where exactly the "allegra" is at the moment is not known to passengers: the web camera, which continuously transmits images from on board on the shipping company’s website, has failed, as has the route transmission. The "costa allegra" had requested assistance on monday while sailing from madagascar to the seychelles.

"Everyone is fine, nothing has happened," said the spokesman for the german subsidiary costa kreuzfahrten, werner claasen, on tuesday. All family members of the passengers have been informed. According to claasen, the part of the engine that produces electricity for the ship was affected by the fire. The fire was quickly brought under control. "The fire did not spread to any other area of the ship, there were no injuries or casualties," it hailed. The on-board equipment is in emergency operation. The cause of the fire was initially unclear.

The shipping company has been sailing in difficult waters for around six weeks: in the night of 14. In january, the ship "costa concordia" ran onto a rock off the coast of tuscany. The cause was apparently a maneuvering error on the part of the captain. 32 people probably died in the disaster. Salvage operations are still ongoing – and divers keep finding bodies in the wreckage.

The "costa allegra," formerly a container ship, was rebuilt in 1992 and is now much smaller (28,600 tons) than the "concordia," which was wrecked off the island of giglio.

The share price of costa’s parent company carnival was down just under one percent in pre-market new york trading on tuesday. The day before, the accident had startled investors and caused the share price to fall by 2 percent. However, the paper of the world-grown cruise line had regained its footing by the evening and had gone out of trading almost unchanged.