The german’s wanderlust stopped him in his tracks

The German's wanderlust stopped him in his tracks

Germans remain keen to travel. According to the current "vacation travel trend", 2018 should also be a good year for the industry.

"The vacation spirit is pronounced. A further slight growth in demand is possible," said tourism researcher martin lohmann on friday at the presentation of the study at the start of the travel trade fair CMT. 43 percent of respondents had both a desire for a vacation and enough time and money for it. "The vacation mood of germans is growing from year to year," said lohmann.

With a share of about 30 percent, domestic vacation destinations are expected to top the list again this year, followed by destinations in spain, italy, turkey and austria. Turkey remains an important travel destination despite loss of market share, study says. The world’s largest travel company, tui, recently reported a renewed interest among germans in vacation travel to turkey.

According to the authors, just under a quarter of people in germany want to travel more this year than in 2017, and 30 percent want to spend more money on travel – which is also due to the fact that a good quarter consider their personal economic situation to be better than in the previous year.

Overall, lohmann expects a slight increase in demand for this year’s vacation tourism. In 2017, the number of trips was on a par with the previous year at around 69 million, according to the study. Holidaymakers spent around 69 billion euros – two percent more than in 2016. The number of short breaks increased slightly. "And for all travel, germany is the number one destination," said lohmann.

The price of a vacation outside germany can vary considerably, even in europe, according to the federal statistical office on friday. The most expensive EU vacation destination from the point of view of bundesburgers is denmark, where hospitality and hotel services cost 35.5 percent more than in germany. Iceland, which is not a member of the EU, is the european frontrunner – visits to tourist resorts and hotel accommodation there are 62.5 percent more expensive than in germany. In contrast, it is particularly favorable in bulgaria, where the corresponding prices are 59.8 percent lower than in this country.

At the 50. CMT presents this year almost 2200 exhibitors their offer. The fair officially begins on saturday. In the previous year, around 235.000 visitors.