Commitment to safety and order

Commitment to safety and order

The traffic cadets of the youth traffic watch completed a total of 227 missions in 2019, including 115 at the state theater. They were responsible for traffic safety in the city and the district, as well as for order in the parking lots. That's why the focus was also on training and further education. A total of 4990 hours of free time were sacrificed by the young people, as was heard at the general meeting of the traffic cadets in the coje in coburg. The traffic cadets have been in coburg for over 20 years. The excellent work of the "angels in their yellow uniforms" was praised from many sides at the general meeting. The great commitment of the traffic cadets was also clear during the election of the new board of directors. Several candidates stood for the various offices.

Louis munster, who has been an active member of the traffic cadets for 13 years, received a special honor. He shows his commitment far beyond coburg. He is an exceptional talent and is known throughout germany, the laudation said. Munster was appointed honorary traffic cadet, which he was very surprised about.

Fabian hugle, leon langbein and matthias voelckel were honored for five years of active participation as members, and christian bittner and kristin bittner for ten years of membership. Jeremy davis tops the list with 416 hours of service. He received the rough challenge cup, which he has already won three times. Behind them were alexander buhling, stella derks, katharina duffek and charlotte laubmann.

Youth leader katharina duffek spoke in her report of some personnel changes in the 57-member strong traffic cadets. The operations in the past year had been relatively accident-free, only on the castle square in coburg there had been a small incident. In addition, 25 leisure activities were carried out on 34 days. A total of 330 participants had been registered. Duffek drew attention to the new training in the period from 27 to 12 april. To – 29. March and from 10. To 12. April attentive and asked for advertising.

The head of operations, matthias voelckel, who took over this office last year, went into detail about the numerous operations: sporting events, festivals in the city and district, sambafest, gaudiwurm in coburg, carnival parade in seblach, model railway days, a bicycle race in eschborn-frankfurt. The overall leader was proud of his troops. He spoke of a brilliant performance, because often several events had taken place on one weekend; but this temporal accumulation had been mastered perfectly.

"It was great", this is how youth spokesman jeremy davis summed up the year 2019. He referred to the many recreational activities. There was something for everyone, from a visit to the cinema and a trip to the city to a samba youth meeting and a visit to a climbing park and a summer toboggan run. They have also taken part in the itz cleaning campaign. During the free time they had recovered from the exhausting missions and had strengthened the comradeship. Davis praised traffic watch board for supporting many activities.

"In the traffic cadets, community is actively lived", stated the chairman udo skrypczak in his funeral service. He praised the cooperation with the riders. The traffic cadets teach you a lot for life. Many careers have come out of them.

Norbert tessmer, mayor of coburg, spoke of a job that is not always easy, but one that teaches you how to live. Because there are drivers who do not understand the situation. The traffic cadets made the many events in the city of coburg run in an orderly fashion. Deputy district administrator christian gunsenheimer recalled his bicycle exam. He connected them with the traffic wardens. The work of the traffic cadets is very valuable in the city and the county.