Cross makes way for pavilion

Cross makes way for pavilion

Josef hofbauer an information pavilion in ebermannstadt will provide visitors with all they need to know about the "literatur- und schlusselberger weg" deliver. This tourist attraction is to be completed at the latest on the occasion of the "700 years of city rights" anniversary be ready in 2023.

The pavilion is also to be a meeting point and starting point for city tours, informed mayor christiane meyer (NLE). This is how more tourists are to be attracted to the city center.

There are still no plans for what the pavilion will look like. However, the employees have already determined a location: it will be erected on the site in front of the district administration building, directly opposite the ebermannstadt waterwheel. However, there is a rough wooden cross with a figure of the crucified one. This must give way to the info point. Where the cross should be moved, there is no proposal yet.

Location is important

It is important to determine the location for the pavilion. Otherwise, a requirement via the european "leader" would have been necessary-program not possible.

Even if it is still completely unclear what the info point will look like, a few key dates have already been fixed. The structure will be clearly subordinate to its surroundings. With regard to the rough should not exceed a volume of 75 cubic meters.

It is also clear that the pavilion will be built of wood and steel. Since only saddle roofs are permitted in this area according to the development plan, the building committee gave its approval for the info point to also have a flat roof. Also a roof foundation was approved in principle. Here, too, an exemption was required because the development plan stipulates a roof covering of tiles.

The building committee’s decision also states that no interference with neighboring rights is to be expected. The project is justifiable in terms of urban development and planning law, and the local and landscape image will not be impaired.