New nursing staff

After three years of training, 20 students from the helios training center in bad kissingen have passed their exams as health care and nursing professionals. Thomas garten, director of nursing at helios st.-elisabeth hospital in bad kissingen, congratulates the graduates: "it certainly wasn’t always easy, but they have persevered. You said to yourself: i want to become a nurse and hold the exam in my hand. I pull this now. That is not self-evident." Garten also emphasized the importance and future prospects of training in nursing: "one thing you can be sure of – you will be more sought-after than ever on the job market!"

Behind the students lies extensive training in theory and practice, as well as weeks of intensive exam preparation for the final exam in health and nursing care. After the written and practical examinations had already taken place in july and august, the oral examinations were held in september, and all of them passed. "We are all happy that we have passed our exams, but we are also sad because we will probably not be together in this constellation again so soon. Despite the tension, the stress and the excitement, we mostly had a lot of fun", according to class spokeswoman melanie hinz.

The practical training for the students took place at the helios st.-elisabeth-hospital bad kissingen. The theoretical part of the training took place in the hospital’s training center. 13 graduates from this year’s graduating class will remain with the hospital and will begin their training on 1 january. October with a permanent position at helios st.-elisabeth-hospital or the helios ortho-clinic hammelburg. And the next generation of nurses is already in the starting blocks. The new sub-course for the training as a health and nursing care worker starts at the beginning of october