There is no new airfield: it will cost 200000 euros

The planning approval procedure for a new airfield near neida/wiesenfeld ran for five years. Now it has been discontinued because the so-called combined solution is coming: at the brandensteinsebene airfield, the approach lighting is being expanded, and the special landing field in bamberg with its longer runway can be approached using the instrument flight procedure. Neither of these things had existed until then, and because the approach lighting in coburg did not comply with the guidelines, the end of instrument flying was threatened here.

Thanks to the combination, the local companies do not need a new airfield anymore. They had demanded it and had even been prepared to help finance its construction. However, there was strong opposition to the project among the population at neida. In addition, there were considerable doubts as to whether an airfield could be approved at this location. The planning approval process had been dragging on for some time when the proposal from the bamberg-coburg combination came in the summer of 2017.

Now the planning approval procedure has been discontinued. In 2014, the project company for the coburg airfield (PGVC) applied to initiate the procedure; in september, it withdrew the application. The costs of the proceedings must nevertheless be borne by the company. Now the air office of northern bavaria has sent the PGVC the appropriate notice. 200,000 euros are to be paid, of which the city must pay exactly 77,334 euros, or about 38 percent.

The distribution corresponds to an agreement reached by the shareholders in the summer of 2015: at that time, it was decided that the city would give 5.8 million euros for the construction of a new airfield and the business enterprises in the pgvc would together give 9.2 million euros. 15 million euros should also come from the state of freestate.

The rest of the fee for the discontinued planning approval process will be paid by the companies involved. PGVC shareholders are brose fahrzeugteile, kapp werkzeugmaschinen, schumacher packaging and wohner elektrotechnische systeme. The aeroclub coburg and the coburg chamber of commerce are also involved. The city of coburg holds 74 percent of the shares – for reasons of municipal law (source: PGVC homepage). The company is to be dissolved and wound up next year. Whether the city will get back any of the two million euros it has contributed so far is not foreseeable, said martin lieb (chamber of commerce) on tuesday in the city council’s finance senate. There, the 77 334 euros for the zoning procedure were approved.

New costs for the city regarding the airfield due to the reconstruction of the brandenstein plane. In the medium-term investment plan for 2020, around one million euros are earmarked for investments and a further four million euros for commitments in subsequent years.