Dora and leo buckl celebrate diamond wedding anniversary – traveling keeps them young

Dora and leo buckl celebrate diamond wedding anniversary - traveling keeps them young

Dora and leo buckl from egloffstein have been a couple for 60 years. And when you ask them how they managed to stay together for so long, they tell you: "you have to stick together in good times and bad and pursue common goals. This is what keeps them together."

This recipe not only helped dora and leo buckl from egilolfstrabe, it also kept them both healthy. Although they are both over 80, they are fit as a fiddle, as they say, and they have a common hobby: traveling.

"Since we’ve been married, we’ve saved every year so that we could go away for three weeks, says leo buckl, a skilled carpenter. "We have met all five parts of the earth", buckl tells the story and shows his "evidence room" – a small room filled with souvenirs from all over the world, including a man-sized clay pot from greece that he carried on the roof of his car, rare stones from turkey, numerous watches and license plates from the u.S.A.

Among his souvenirs are also cacti and sudland flowers, which they have on the terrace in the summer and which exude italian flair. They’ve been to greece 30 times alone, says buckl. "Once we drove 7500 kilometers in three weeks with the old fiat", recalls the very rustic pensioner. In 1970 the round trip led to greece, turkey and on the way back to bulgaria.

In australia they got to see the famous great barrier reef in a submersible, in the USA they were on the road in a motor home. "All this only worked because we both share the same hobby", buckl says thoughtfully "and because we were unpretentious." It was important for them to be on the road and to get to know new things.

Moving to eggolsheim

The beginning, that was the meeting at the kirchweih in pleinfeld, 1957 in september. Just two years later, the wedding took place in grobweingarten near spalt. In 1960, after leo – who comes from raitenbuch near weibenburg – had completed his military service, the two of them moved to eggolsheim to live with his brother, because leo had found a job at the piasten company in forchheim.

1966 both changed to mostviel. Leo got a demanding position at the local bread factory and an apartment in the factory building as well. In 1973, the shell of the company’s own house in egloffstein was already built; the interior was largely done by the jubilarian himself.

His wife dora gave him three children: brigitte (59), cornelia (51) and leo (50). They, in turn, have given the couple seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren (noel and luna), so that the terrace is well filled for family celebrations.

Actually, the two wanted to celebrate their anniversary together on vacation in sudtirol. But leo buckl got pain in his knee, which is why they broke off the vacation. "Dora drove the 450 kilometers home all by herself", reports leo proudly. His knee "a wear and tear thing, a new one had to go in" – has recovered again aigermaben. The next vacation can come.