Open day at the vocational training center in munnerstadt

With a wide-ranging supporting program from the punch and judy show to the exhibition "200 years of bavaria and 100 years of the bavarian constitution" the BBZ (vocational training center) held an open day with performances by the choir, the percussion group and the dance formation.
In addition, "the mullman and the magician" was shown listed. This poetic theater piece is an own production of the academy for social pedagogy.

The reason for the open day was the 50th anniversary of the state vocational schools for food and care and child care and the 40th anniversary of the vocational school for geriatric care of caritas. Already on friday a ceremony with numerous invited guests and with the president of the state parliament barbara stamm as keynote speaker took place.

Anyone who wanted to find out about all the training and study options at BBZ had a lot to do at the open house. After all, six schools are united under one roof here: the state vocational school for nutrition and care, the state vocational school for child care, the state vocational school for social care, as well as the caritas vocational school for geriatric care, the caritas vocational school for curative education and the caritas vocational academy for social pedagogy.

The interest was great. All day long the visitors streamed into the school building. Among them were also many graduates who simply wanted to find out how things are today at their former training school. But there was more than just theory and information that seemed a bit dry to the uninitiated. Teachers and students had prepared a very broad program for the visitors for this day. There was a competition under the motto: "shirts bailing brisk and smooth", original motif cakes or games were designed for people with disabilities. In the "swinging cloth" activity room especially the children had their fun, as well as in the "rough painting"."

The presentations included, for example, how bedridden people can be cared for professionally, how wheelchair users can overcome obstacles, and what problems blind people have in everyday life. The supporting program at the information booths of the cooperation partners from the dominikus-ringeisen-werk (maria bildhausen) to the forest kindergarten fliegenpilz to the red cross and the music academy hammelburg, to name just a few, was also interesting for the visitors. At the traffic police booth, matthias kleren demonstrated how to lose control under the influence of alcohol or drugs with the help of simple glasses.