The asparagus season is about to start: this is the perfect way to prepare the vegetables

Asparagus with hollandaise sauce, ham or perhaps with potatoes? The number of options of seasonal vegetables can vary widely. But what is the best way to prepare asparagus?? Because one thing is for sure: if the vegetables don’t turn out well, even the side dishes can’t save much. Find out what you should pay special attention to when cooking asparagus.

Especially green asparagus is very popular. When preparing the vegetables, many people start by peeling the spears – but this is not really necessary. Only the ends should be cut off (you can use these later for an asparagus soup). Furthermore, it should be noted that green asparagus only needs to be cooked for a short time. Because the vegetables should be cooked rather than boiled. On the other hand, you should peel the white asparagus first, before it can be cooked. The layers directly under the peel are usually very woody, so this type of asparagus should be coarsely peeled. You should also cut off the ends of female asparagus spears.

Saute instead of boiling

A somewhat less known variant is to roast the asparagus. Here you should first cut the green stalk into small pieces. Then add some oil to the pan and fry the asparagus pieces. The whole remains for five to eight minutes in the pan.

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You should avoid this mistake at all costs

The most common mistake made when preparing asparagus is to put it in water that is already boiling. You should not do this under any circumstances. Because by cooking the vegetables lose the most important nutrients and vitamins. Instead, you should first place the asparagus spears in the cooking pot and then add the water. Very important: only cover the asparagus with the water. Do not use too much water.

One of the most important factors for a successful asparagus dish is the cooking time of the different types of asparagus:

  • The white asparagus with the good class one should cook 10 to 15 minutes
  • The white asparagus of the good class two should cook 8 to 10 minutes
  • The green asparagus should also remain in the cooking pot for 8 to 10 minutes at the most

Grilled asparagus for extra pleasure

Just in the summer comes again the grill season. For this purpose is usually used green asparagus, this is darker and already after ten to twelve minutes on the grill cooked. If you prefer to use white asparagus, it is best to pre-cook it or simply grill it for a long time.

Recipe for french asparagus salad

For this variation, place the asparagus on a grill tray or wrap it in some aluminum foil, otherwise it will burn easily. You can also grill asparagus in the oven or in a grill pan, here too it becomes wonderfully aromatic and soft.

Also interesting: the oven asparagus

For this you only need a deep baking tray. Spread the peeled asparagus on the baking tray or in a wide baking dish. Add a liter of water – seasoned with salt, sugar and lemon juice to taste. To refine it, you can add a few flakes of butter as you like. Then cover the baking tray with aluminum foil. Now you only have to cook the asparagus at about 200 degrees for about 40 minutes.

If you are unsure whether your asparagus is cooked, you can simply use the fork test. Pierce the lower third of the asparagus spear. When the asparagus slides off the fork on its own, the vegetables are ready. Bon appetit!