Unfinden beer tastes good to the romanians

Unfinden beer tastes good to the romanians

These days a special festival took place in the italian capital rome. In the limonaia di villa torlonia, a total of 49 breweries from france were presented with their products during three days of a beer festival. From bayer-brau in theinheim to "zwanzger in uhlfeld the wide palette ranged.

It was not only the beers of the larger breweries that could be sampled at the many stands, but also the products of smaller breweries – and the beer of communal breweries. So did the barley juice from the municipal brewery in unfinden, which was also given a special honor. For the unfinden beer was lovingly announced at the beginning of the event by the organizer manuele colonna and together with christian hey, the outgoing chairman of the brewing association in unfinden, described the form of brewing. For christian hey, the presentation was a high point in his work as a co-founder of the unfinden communal brewery association.

For tasting, the unfindeners had a 50-liter barrel with them, which the brewers heinz bauer and thomas bornkessel tapped and served as free beer. Stefan konig played the trumpet "a toast to conviviality". There was also the frankenlied. The beer was well received by the people of rome – and the keg was quickly emptied.

The delegation from unfinden came with a total of 13 people. Among them was the youngest daughter of brewer bornkessel, who was introduced as the unfindener beer princess.

The intention of the roman "frankenbierfest was to introduce franconia, the region in the north of bavaria, as the true heart of the german brewing tradition. There, where it is still possible to taste original beers brewed according to time-honored tradition. In rome, this has been achieved.