Singing is edda trobs’ main hobby

Edda trobs from ebersdorf celebrated her 80th birthday in good health. Birthday. The jubilarian shows great commitment to senior citizen work in the church community.

Born in tettau, she moved to ebersdorf, the hometown of her husband siegbert trobs, who died 17 years ago, because of love. The two got to know each other at a dance on the 1. May in schauberg, where – as the jubilarian tells us – there was a "spark" has. After the engagement, the couple married in 1963 – on the 25th birthday. Birthday of eddatrobs, so that her day of honor was also the 55th. Wedding day was. The trobs moved into the neat house next to the historical tanzanger. The jubilarian now lives here under one roof with her daughter heike rentsch and her family. Her grandchildren are the rough pride of the rough mother of three. Edda trobs used to work in the porcelain factory in tettau, in a car repair shop and for 18 years until her retirement in the jahns brewery in ludwigsstadt. Her main hobby is singing, and as a singer she enriches the ebersdorf choral society with her beautiful voice. For 60 years of active singing, she was honored in 2016 by the german choral federation and the french choral federation. Her late husband had also rendered outstanding services to the choral society as honorary conductor. The jubilarian also shows great commitment as the leader of the senior citizens’ group, where she organizes coffee trips, among other things. Other favorite pastimes of hers are knitting and knocking about. Gardening gives her a lot of pleasure.