Skating rink and hobbles

Skating rink and hobbles

Twelve-year-old leonardo's long-cherished wish is now within reach. The planned skate park in weisendorf, which is longed for by children and young people, is getting ever closer. Mayor alexander tritthart (CSU) had invited to a youth conference in the meeting room and about 20 children and young people were allowed to express their wishes on the plan of architect roland ellinger.

At the beginning the mayor apologized for the long time it took to present the plan and explained the bureaucratic requirements. Leonardo presented the mayor with a list of 200 signatures and repeatedly visited the town hall to inquire about the status of the project. "The leonardo kept coming and asking me when it was finally going to be done", mayor tritthart said with a grin.

For example, a suitable site had to be found where the requirements for the protection of lice could be met, followed by a change in the land use plan and the creation of a development plan. This topic was discussed again and again, sometimes even very emotionally, in the town council. "Well over ten sites were proposed, all but two of which were rejected by the district office", explained tritthart. The mayor was repeatedly accused of not having anything left for the young people in weisendorf.

"It's not about the costs, we have them in the budget, the priority was a good and safely accessible site and then the hurdles of the supervisory authority had to be taken", explained tritthart looking back. The mayor considers the land next to the new building yard to be very suitable, the children and young people do not have to cross the road and the place can be reached safely via the fub and cycle path. The municipal council has also decided in favor of this, and now only has to give its approval to the construction plan.

"I am plated by the good visit"
"Ultimately, the council will make the decision but you should voice your opinion and express your wishes today", the young people were invited by community youth worker, miriam flock, and by the mayor. "I'm blown away by the good attendance", said the mayor and marveled at the many technical terms used by the skaters. Tritthart had to ask again and again what, for example, a "hobble" was, a "straight ledge or a "manual pad be. But the young people sitting in front of him explained it with hand movements or by means of a pencil.

For the conference miriam flock had also an "expert" with marco giehm the skate initiative herzogenaurach invited. Out of the conference two groups were formed, on one side the skaters and on the other side the youngsters for BMX/dirtbiking.

Planner roland ellinger from the office of the same name explained the laid out plans to the young people and the young people got time to formulate their wishes. They did this extensively and wanted to have one or the other thing changed or arranged differently.

The first difficulty became apparent: the facility is too small for BMX and dirt biking, because the bikers need space not only for the run-up, but also for jumping. Marco giehm told the young people about his experiences in herzogenaurach and sees a skate facility partly also suitable for bikers. "Try it out, you'll see there's a lot of fun to be had, because there's a lot you can do", giehm spoke about his experiences.

Satisfied with the conference
Architect ellinger pointed out that the facility has to be approved by the tuv and special attention is paid to safety distances. This would exclude additional modeling for BMX riders for reasons of space. But this does not mean that the topic is finished, the mayor assured. If a suitable flat is available, then the modeling can be done without any rough edges. "All we need is the site, a pile of earth and dirt, and we'll do the modeling", explained 16-year-old lenhardt schmitz.

When asked, the children and young people said that they are satisfied with the conference and are waiting for its completion. The young people were particularly impressed that they were listened to and allowed to express their wishes, which the architect also wants to implement. At another event, a father said that his son came home totally excited and happy after the conference, because they were received by the burgermeister and also listened to.