In kulmbach, almost everything is closed again as of monday

In kulmbach, almost everything is closed again as of monday

The district is now closing down again: the latest decisions of the state government do not mean a lockdown, but in kulmbach, starting next monday, there will be an admission stop in many venues. Home improvement stores, bookstores, garden centers and shoe stores have to close again because the 7-day incidence value is above 50 – that is the value up to which customers may be received in compliance with hygiene and distance rules. In kulmbach, this is a long way off. In recent weeks, the incidence rate has been well over 300 in some cases, and most recently close to 200.

Balanced concept?

Minister president markus soder (CSU) speaks of a "legally balanced concept". The latest decree is the state government’s response to the ruling of the administrative court on the opening of shoe stores. A few days ago, the judges ruled that shoe stores could also open in areas with a seven-day incidence of more than 100, arguing among other things that they were of comparable importance to bookstores or DIY stores in supplying the population. The answer from munich: for all these businesses – including shoe stores – the special regulations will no longer apply as of next monday. In the future, they will be subject to the same incidence-dependent rules as all other retail outlets outside the daily needs area.

What schuh mucke says

A decision that is questioned at schuh mucke. The complaint was filed by a retailer from schweinfurt, who, like schuh mucke in kulmbach, belongs to the ANWR group. In kulmbach, too, the stores in bayreuther strabe have been open again for a few days now. Because stores where shoes make up more than 50 percent of the assortment are also allowed to sell other goods, it has also been possible to buy clothing there since wednesday.

Mucke: not finally clarified

As of monday, this could be the end, even if schuh mucke did not want to make a definite statement on this yesterday "because the situation has not yet been definitively clarified", as a spokeswoman emphasizes. Apparently there are discussions about how the company should react to the government’s counterattack. Knowing that from monday on hardly any shoe shop in france was allowed to be open, because the incidence value is currently above 50 in many places. Shoe mucke was then put on the date shopping, which is possible with a value between 50 and 100 without a test. Even with an incidence of between 100 and 200, the "click&" system takes effect meet"-model. Customers must then show a negative corona test result. This requires a maximum 48-hour-old PCR test or a 24-hour-old rapid test. In cities and counties with an incidence of more than 200, only the collection of pre-ordered goods ("click& collect") possible. "We do what we are allowed to do depending on the incidence at the individual locations", says the schuh-mucke spokeswoman.

The workshop remains open

Schuh sesselmann at the eku square will also follow these guidelines, as junior manager daniel sesselmann announces. His family also reopened the store just a few days ago – and had to stop selling shoes again a good week later. "It is the short-term changes that affect us. First we learn that we are allowed to open, then a few days later we learn that we have to close again", says sesselmann, who points out that the orthopaedic workshop remains open.

"We have opened for you again." That’s the recorded message when you call the globus market. But even there they are aware that from monday the market will no longer be generally open. The closure also affects all the other construction stores that were allowed to receive customers again after the lockdown at the beginning of march.

Sports business suffers

The new munich decree hits intersport leithner hard. Because more than 50 percent of the assortment consists of shoes, the store was only reopened on wednesday after consultation with the authorities, says co-owner rainer rohlich, adding: "we will probably have to close again on monday."

Sport leithner: the drama continues

Rohlich had feared that the government would "overrule" the court decision to open the shoe store. He speaks of an economically threatening situation. Rohlich fears for the existence of sport leithner, puts the loss in the many months of the lockdown at several 100,000 euros. "We are sitting on our goods, says the man who will have to batten down the hatches again on monday: "the drama continues."