The frustration weekend of the kc-trio

This was not the game day of the three most powerful fubball teams in the district. August frustration with the KC trio!
The "black weekend started on friday evening in mitwitz. After eight minutes the measure was read. The last of the district league countered the much too high standing muller-elf by all the rules of fubball art. Three ebinger hits in less than 500 seconds. 82 minutes of crowbars were then wasted.
Long faces also at league rival ASV kleintettau. And yet everything looked like the hoped-for point win after bohnlein’s clever curler. The ASV-knipser of the service circled the ball eight minutes before conclusion skillfully over the wall into the meshes: 1:1.
But the vest of the surprise league leader – four games, four victories – still remained female, because the haubler boys were penning in their own sixteen shortly before the final whistle. At thiel’s winning goal, the ASV squad that remained after two traffic light cards was in a deep sleep. The chain of four stood guard when the round one suddenly floundered in the square one. Shortly after that it was over and froba, jungkunz, kostewicz, wagner& co. Crept like wet poodles with hanging heads from the scorched TSV meadow.

Pure deflation also among the friesener landesliga boys, who ran out of steam in karl-fleschutz-stadion in front of just under 450 fans. And this despite the fact that they crawled around the pitch at FC lichtenfels for more than an hour in the shade with one man more than 40 degrees celsius. Daumann, brand& co. Had a 2-1 lead a few minutes before the end seemingly everything under control. But far from it! SVF caught two more boxes and actually lost everything. Hard to explain that the eck squad completely lost track of the game in the last (chaotic) minutes.
"That’s just the way it is, fubball." The analysis of harald "blacky weibbrodt was short but to the point after the final whistle. But it’s not only the head of FC mitwitz who can be "blod" games accurate to the point. Even otto rehhagel once said: "sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win!"

So you mitwitzer, kleintettauer and friesener frust-kicker – wipe your mouth and just keep on working hard. There will definitely be better match days – maybe already in august.