Bayreuth elementary school now becomes “flexible

Meyernberg elementary school has successfully applied to become one of these "satellite schools" and is now participating in this pilot program.

As a rule, children start school when they are six years old in september, at the beginning of the respective school year. They do not have to be at a certain developmental level. Some can already write or do math, sometimes even both, while others are still at the beginning. Some children may struggle with the german language. However, age is only of limited use as a yardstick to determine a child's social, physical and mental development.

"With the "flexible elementary school," we can provide our students with more developmentally appropriate challenges.", according to hanne bluchel, principal of meyernberg elementary school. "As of this school year, our first and second graders are taught in four mixed-grade flexible classes. The difference between this and the usual mixed-grade classes is that each student can complete the first two grades in one, two or even three years without this being counted as skipping or repeating."
From a pedagogical point of view, the "flexible elementary school" takes into account takes into account the heterogeneity and individual learning pace of each child.

Advantages for all

This way, everyone has an advantage: the highly gifted students as well as average, weak or handicapped students. The teachers concerned at the VS meyernberg have acquired the relevant knowledge about the "flexible elementary school" model trial in training courses over the past six months appropriated. Meetings were also held during the summer break to prepare the material and create work materials.

"However, systematic agreements and close cooperation will continue to be necessary in order to create the framework conditions", according to principal hanne bluchel. "The development of this new entry level into the school career with flexible retention periods is being constructively shaped by our team, which is a challenge for all colleagues, but one that we are happy to take on".