Franconian switzerland: traditional water systems to be preserved

The municipal councils of unterleinleiter dealt with the change of the inclusion statute "im baumgarten" and the extension of the water meadows project.

Meadows in the leinleitertal

"The water meadows in the leinleiter valley are a prominent element in the district of forchheim", reported johannes mohr, biologist in the department of ecological district development in the district office forchheim. Mohr explained that these water systems have been recognized as a valuable bavarian cultural monument and can even be of european, global significance. "In addition to their cultural and historical significance, these floodplain areas also serve as preventive flood and drinking water protection", explained mohr. Above all, they serve as a habitat for numerous animal and plant species. Mohr did not share the fear of a council member that farmers would be subject to even more bans. He said that the mabnahmen were run only on voluntariness. He pointed out, however, that if meadow watering were abandoned, important breeding areas and the groundwater supply would be lost in the coming years. A consequence of land conversion to arable land means direct release of and concomitant burden on the climate.

Systems received

The goal should be the preservation of the water systems. In order to preserve natural resources, biodiversity, cultural landscapes and regional identity, it is necessary to enable environmentally friendly and site-appropriate management, which cannot be achieved without government funding. At present, according to mohr, there is "a considerable risk potential for the entire ecosystem of the meadows of the wiesent and leinleiter valleys as well as the loss of valuable ecosystem services". If all the land in the project area was converted into arable land, the profit for the managers would be about 1.2 million euros, but the consequential costs would be between 2.15 and 6.79 million euros, which would have to be borne by the public sector. "Since this is a voluntary project, we will not be able to convert all the arable land into grassland", explained johannes mohr. A council member asked what the community of unterleinleiter would get for participating in the extension of the water meadow project. Answer: if the municipality requests the construction of weirs, the cost of 1206 euros for three years will be quickly recovered. After a short discussion, the board decided to participate in the project "preservation of the traditional watering of europe in the country of forchheim" to participate with 1206 euro.

Development plan "baumgarten

In the april meeting, the council had already passed a basic resolution for the preparation of a development plan for the area "baumgarten" was taken, so that the erschliebung is secured contribution-legally. The existing road baumgarten has neither canal nor lighting. The development plan now makes it possible to expand the road for adjacent properties, explains mayor alwin gebhardt (DWV). After a short discussion, the committee unanimously agreed to the following. The council further decided that saddle roofs with a roof pitch of 30 to 40 degrees are permitted, as well as flat and monopitch roofs with a roof pitch of up to ten degrees. The existing stipulation of the roof shape and pitch is omitted. In the future, a wall height of 9.50 meters and a ridge height of eleven meters will be permitted.

More transparency

In his report, mayor gebhardt said that he wanted to find "new, transparent ways" of building want to go. He pointed out that photos were shown for all the information, so that the board could visually imagine what it was about. The information section began with information on the conversion of street lighting in durrbrunn and unterleinleiter to leds. The costs for this amount to 160,000 euros. A pavilion was purchased for the employees of the building yard, so that they can carry out their work without spectators when digging graves for burials. The mayor and the building yard employees now meet regularly every wednesday morning to discuss the project. Further numerous missing traffic signs were reported, predominantly agricultural signs. The building yard has been commissioned to replace them as soon as possible. "In durrbrunn, the number of false alarms is increasing alarmingly", informs the mayor. He suggested to the committee that they should sign a maintenance contract, because this would be more favorable than the respective repairs.