Gatlin us champion in strong 9.80 seconds

Gatlin us champion in strong 9.80 seconds

He loves a challenge to high-flyer usain bolt for the olympics in london. "I have a job to do and i will do what it takes to get it done. I don’t care if I have to run 10.4 seconds or 9.4 seconds," gatlin said as he signed autographs on the stage next to the stadium. He can’t wait for the giant’s peak at the london games. With his winning time in eugene, gatlin advanced to bolts regions. Only the jamaican world record holder was faster than the american this year with 9.76 and 9.79 seconds.

When bolt set out to conquer the sprinting world in beijing in 2008, leaving behind the americans who were accustomed to success, gatlin served a four-year doping ban. He has been back since the summer of 2010 and is now america’s biggest ace. "I wouldn’t have come back if i was satisfied with being second or third," the 30-year-old stressed.

Behind him, ex-world champion tyson gay (9.86) and ryan bailey (9.93) also qualified for london. Gay was also a force to be reckoned with. After a hoof operation a year ago, he made his comeback two weeks ago in new york (10.00 seconds) and is now competing in only his second event in eugene. "I didn’t start training until march. I can’t ask for more than that at the moment, but it’s definitely going auarts," gay said.

Reese hoffa sent a fighting message to chemnitz. His addressee: world champion david storl. "If he wants to win in london, he has to beat me," hoffa told news agency dpa. Earlier, the 34-year-old had weighed the 7.25-kilo ball to a world-year best of 22 meters. Hoffa won a high-caliber competition ahead of world indoor champion ryan whiting (21.66 meters) and olympic silver medalist christian cantwell (21.28).

In addition to his winning distance, hoffa also cleared 21.93 meters in his last attempt. His five attempts were all farther than storl’s previous season record of 21.13 meters. But the veteran is not blinded by that. "I know david will come to the summer games very well prepared, and i am sure he will win the european championships beforehand. He is a great athlete," said hoffa.

Lashawn merritt and sanya richards-ross set two more world bests in the 400 meters. Olympic champion merritt showed with 44.12 seconds that also this time gold can only go over him. The beijing champion ran loose and easy, coasting the last few meters to miss a sub-44-second time. Behind merritt, tony mcquay (44.49) and bryshon nellum (44.80) took podium places and also secured tickets for the plane to london.

Jemery wariner, meanwhile, came away empty-handed. The athens olympic champion finished sixth in a disappointing 45.24 seconds and then angrily threw away his woman sunglasses. The former star of the stadium circuit seems to have passed his zenith. Richards-ross, on the other hand, won his first individual gold medal in just five weeks. In 49.28 seconds she ran faster than ever before by an athlete at the US trials.