Death of innkeepers: how aiwanger’s modernization program wants to help

Death of innkeepers: how aiwanger's modernization program wants to help

"The issue is acute – and becomes more acute every day", says frank-ulrich john, managing director of the bavarian hotel and restaurant association (DEHOGA). The death of innkeepers is a daily concern for the association, and john describes the dangerous negative spiral. "If the inns close and the infrastructure is depleted, this will have a direct impact on tourism and the economy." The presence of gastronomy is extremely important for the quality of life and location decisions. "People don’t want to live in pure dormitory villages.", he says. That’s why he welcomes the push announced last week by the bavarian ministry of economic affairs.

The death of inns in the countryside: this is how hubert aiwanger wants to save the village inns

At the first public presentation of his political priorities, economics minister hubert aiwanger () presented, among other things, his hospitality modernization program. According to a request from the ministry, the program is already on the home stretch.

Negotiations with the state ministry of finance and home affairs and the supreme audit office are still pending. "The program is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2019", according to one speaker. A total of 30 million euros should be made available in the 2019 and 2020 budgets. The priority for recipients of the funding should be businesses in the traditional hospitality sector. At the press conference, the minister spoke of businesses with an annual turnover of no more than one million euros.

When overtime is the rule: lack of control over working hours in the restaurant industry

In addition to the financial injection for modernization, possibilities are currently being examined to further support bavarian innkeepers. "This also includes removing bureaucratic obstacles as far as possible, or at least helping innkeepers to meet the legal requirements placed on them", says the spokesman.

The last topic in particular – the debureaucratization of the hospitality industry – is also a concern for the innkeepers in the district of kronach. How you evaluate the planned demand program and where according to statements of the bavarian hotel and restaurant federation the policy is in addition demanded, read you in the detailed article on our site