Bookstore has been without phone for weeks

bookstore has been without phone for weeks

"Like flying blind" feels adolf wolz jun. Currently. He is the manager of the schoningh bookstore in kitzingen, which moved from ritterstrabe to marktstrabe a month ago. Everything went smoothly – except for one thing: the bookstore is missing its telephone connection.

Wolz had informed his telephone provider, vodafone, three weeks before the move. That was too late, he says, because he actually had to write to the company four weeks before the move date about the telephone connection. Information that does not explain how it can be that the bookstore still does not have a telephone connection – one month after the move and thus seven weeks since wolz' notification.

Two companies in the game
For the transfer of the connection, however, is not vodafone responsible, but the telekom. Several dates had been arranged with them, but according to adolf wolz, no one has shown up yet. The first appointment was on 19. October. From 8 a.M. To 4 p.M., a telecom employee was to appear and relocate the connection. Adolf wolz waited until shortly before 4 p.M., then he got a call. The employee had not been able to find the bookstore, is the reasoning.

Also the dates number 2 and 3 fell in the water – both times even without excuse. Wolz tried again and again to contact telekom – always without success. "It is horrible. Meanwhile I know the music of the waiting loop by heart, and if I'm lucky and I get to talk to someone, he can't help me either." Despite the complaints, nothing was accelerated.
But the manager doesn't have time to just wait for the connection to be made. Many customers order their books from schoningh over the phone or by fax. The fax does not work at all. "The lack of a telephone connection is a risk to the business", fears wolz.

At least for telephone orders, a temporary solution has been found: the call is diverted to a cell phone, so customers can order after all. Actually, there should have been two telephones ready for customers' calls. The bookstore employees nevertheless try to provide the same level of service for the customers.

One of them is sigrid klein. When she looks at the phone, she is just annoyed and a bit desperate. "Everybody says that in the digital age everything is much faster – but here in our country, nothing works." Other employees also get annoyed when they hear the word "telephone connection".

"It's horrible", adolf wolz "so much for servicewuste germany." Even for gallows humor the whole misery lasts already too long. Adolf wolz is furious with telekom: "for a company like this, the whole thing is just embarrassing", he thinks.

Telekom's statement raises little hope for improvement. "The bookstore has to contact its provider, vodafone, to arrange a new date for the relocation of the telephone connection. If, for whatever reason, this has not worked so far, there are agreed and known escalation channels between the providers that can be used to ensure that an order can be processed as a matter of priority."

The wait continues
"It's clear that we have to turn to our provider vodafone, but the information from telekom doesn't really help", wolz replies resignedly. And he has every reason to resign: the fourth appointment is also cancelled. The telecom was not there again. "After asking vodafone, we were told that the date had been set by telekom, but that it had not been confirmed by telekom despite several attempts on the part of vodafone", reports wolz. "It seems that no new date has been proposed by telekom", according to the current state of knowledge of the managing director.
"We remain curious about what will happen next", says adolf wolz – and he is probably more tense than excited, because the whole misery has been dragging on for far too long.